An alleged bikie has been kept behind bars because he is violent and lacks basic self-control, a Brisbane magistrate says.

An alleged bikie has been denied bail, but not because of his links with a outlaw gang, a Brisbane magistrate says.

Jarrod Kevin Anthony Brown, 25, was on bail over a 2013 brawl on the Gold Coast when he was wrongly arrested over another recent brawl in Townsville.

He then had what his lawyer called a “dummy spit” at arresting police and was subsequently charged with obstructing police and public nuisance.

Brown was denied bail in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on Tuesday.

Chief Magistrate Tim Carmody said he had a long history of public nuisance and violent offences.

He said he was far from convinced that Brown had genuinely or effectively disassociated himself from the Bandidos gang or disavowed his past criminal activities.

“Nor have I been given any compelling enough reason for optimism that releasing him is a risk that can reasonably and responsibly be taken with the safety of others in the community,” Mr Carmody said.

But the magistrate said Brown’s alleged bikie links had little to do with the decision to deny bail.

“He is an unacceptable bail risk, quite independently of the presumed dangers he poses as criminal (gang) participant,” Mr Carmody said.

“He lacks basic self-discipline and control, and is prone to aggression and violence disproportionate to any provocation, both as a member of a pack and on his own.”

Under tough new anti-bikie laws, those alleged to have links to outlaw motorcycle gangs can only apply for bail in Brisbane and must show cause why they should be released.

Brown gained media attention last year when a state application to revoke his bail on a riot charge was prevented by a Supreme Court judge who took issue with public comments by the premier.

Mr Carmody ordered Brown to reappear in the Townsville Magistrates Court in January 23.