The bodies of Queensland nurse Noelene Bischoff, 54, and her daughter Yvana, 14, are already being examined at the state mortuary.

The family of Noelene and Yvana Bischoff just want to find out what killed them in Bali so they can be finally laid to rest.

Their bodies arrived at Brisbane Airport about 5am (AEST) on Saturday after an Indonesian police investigation found their deaths were not suspicious.

The pair became violently ill and both died last week less than a day after checking in at the Padang Bai resort.

Noelene, a 54-year-old nurse, died while being taken by ambulance to a hospital in Denpasar.

Yvana, 14, died hours later at the clinic without knowing her mother was dead.

Queensland’s coroner has immediately began investigating the cause of the Bischoff deaths.

Noelene’s brother Malcolm wants to find out quickly so he can bury his sister and niece.

But he knows a thorough investigation is likely to take a long time.

“It doesn’t matter what the result is either way, whether it’s, you know, food poisoning or some other sort poisoning, at the end of it all we still have two dead people,” Mr Bischoff told AAP.

“It doesn’t bring them back, but at least it will be clear in our minds what the reason was and lay the girls to rest.”

While Indonesian authorities have suggested their deaths were caused by an allergic reaction, relatives think it is more likely they suffered food poisoning, perhaps from fish they ate for dinner.

Mr Bischoff said until investigators find out the exact cause, anyone travelling to Bali could also be at risk.

“My sister and Yvana weren’t doing anything dangerous, they were just an average family on an average holiday,” he said.

“There were heaps of people on the plane they (Noelene and Yvana) were flown back on this morning, all those people had all been to Bali for the week.

“This could’ve been any one of them, people need to remember that.”