Bali police want to rule out criminal activity in the deaths of Noelene Bischoff and her daughter Yvana before releasing their bodies from the morgue.

Indonesian police won’t release the bodies of an Australian mother and daughter who died in Bali until they can rule out criminal activity in their deaths.

Queensland nurse Noelene Bischoff and Yvana Bischoff, 14, died on Saturday, a day after checking into the beachfront resort of Padang Bai in Karangasem, on the east coast of the Indonesian island.

The cause of death isn’t known at this stage, but there is speculation toxic fish caused them to fall fatally ill.

Indonesian authorities initially agreed to the family’s request for the bodies to be flown to Queensland for autopsies.

But lead Detective Adnan Pandibu says local police now want to continue their investigation after finding 29 types of medication in the Bischoffs’ hotel room.

“We have not ruled out criminal activity and we will not yet allow the release of the bodies from the morgue,” he told the Daily Mail.

Antar-Bangsa Funeral Service, who was contacted by Australian authorities about transporting the bodies, says there has been a delay.

“For now we’re not sure, we haven’t heard anything after we were first contacted (by Australian authorities),” spokesman Agus Prababe told AAP.

“We don’t know what’s happened.”

Bali taxi driver Kadek Budi has told how he drove Ms Bischoff and her daughter around on their last day alive.

He said when he dropped them off at their hotel, they were healthy and happy.

“She said ‘thank you, we are very happy today, you are a good driver and after the Gili Islands, when I am back in Seminyak, I will call you again’,” Mr Budi told News Corp Australia.

“She was very friendly, the conversation was good and I thought I would see her again, and drive her again.”