World News Update, what you need to know

Queensland pedophile Peter Truong, who bought a newborn boy for $US8000 and then allowed men around the world to abuse the child, has been sentenced by a US court to 30 years’ jail.


LONDON – Boat race protester Trenton Oldfield has successfully appealed against the British government’s decision to kick him out of the country while declaring his family could never live in “racist” Australia.

JOHANNESBURG – South African security forces had only days to implement a rough plan for Nelson Mandela’s grand funeral, based partly on blueprints of past events such as the 2010 World Cup final.

KIEV – Ukrainian security forces have moved in on pro-EU demonstrators to end a week-long blockade of government headquarters after the authorities sent internal troops into central Kiev in an increasingly tense showdown.

BANGUI – French troops have started disarming fighters in the Central African Republic to try to restore security after a swell in sectarian violence that left hundreds dead.

MOGADISHU – A Somali court has sentenced to jail a woman who said she was raped and two journalists who broadcast her story, saying they were guilty of defamation and insulting state institutions.

LONDON – A man accused of the gruesome murder of a British soldier has told his trial that he loves al-Qaeda and considers the Islamic militants to be his “brothers”.

WASHINGTON – US and British intelligence have been spying on the global online gaming world because they fear terrorists could use the hugely popular platform to plot attacks, a report says.