A doctor acquitted of murdering his wife in Uganda claims moves are afoot to seize his family’s ancestral lands.

An Australian cardiologist acquitted of murdering his wife in Uganda says he is the victim of a conspiracy to deprive him of his property.

Seven years ago Dr Aggrey Kiyingi was acquitted of organising the 2005 shooting murder of his wife Robinah Kiyingi – a high-profile lawyer revered for the human rights and corruption cases she pursued.

Last week Uganda’s high court ordered seven properties belonging to Dr Aggrey Kiyingi be sold to businesswoman Diana Jacqueline Asiimwe to repay a $A1.29 million debt.

“They are being stolen,” Dr Kiyingi told AAP on Monday night.

“They forged my signature. They forged papers for someone I’ve never met and never known.

“She (Asiimwe) doesn’t exist.”

Likening Uganda’s government to the mafia, Dr Kiyingi says there are now moves to seize his family’s ancestral lands in Uganda.

“They are trying to steal my ancestral land,” he said.

“When they do that, that’s it, they’ve killed you. You don’t do that.”

Dr Kiyingi says his wife was killed for political reasons and says he was framed for her death.

“By getting rid of her, they silenced her. By getting rid of me, they get rid of a threat,” he said.

He has taken out full-page ads in Uganda newspapers railing against the seizure of his property.

Dr Kiyingi moved to Australia from Uganda in the 1980s and still has a practice in Sydney’s west.