Notorious conman Peter Foster will have to give up life on the run within 28 days to appear in a Brisbane court, or risk having his appeal thrown out.

Conman Peter Foster has been given 28 days to front a Brisbane court or risk having his appeal against his contempt sentence thrown out.

The 51-year-old launched an appeal of his three-year jail sentence, with at least 18 months to be served behind bars, for ignoring a 2005 ban on participating in the weight-loss industry.

Foster claims to have fled to Fiji and there are warrants for his arrest.

His barrister Liam Burrow argued in the Federal Court in Brisbane on Friday that Foster needed to remain at large to make arrangements for care for his elderly mother.

But Justice John Dowsett adjourned proceedings until December 13 and said Foster was obliged to appear.

“I order the appellant Peter Clarence Foster to appear before me on that day,” Judge Dowsett said.

“And that he not appear by solicitor, counsel or otherwise.”

Justice Dowsett said Foster would need to show cause on that day why his appeal should not be dismissed, given his failure to comply with a September court order to appear for October 24 sentencing.

“In default of his personal appearance on that day he is to show cause, by counsel or otherwise, as to why the appeal should not be dismissed for want of prosecution or as an abuse of process,” he said.

The appeal is due to return to court on December 13.