For the first time ever, comedians Stav Davidson (Hit105FM) and wife Katrina (612ABC) will take to the stage at the same time for their hilarious new show, He Said/She Said.

Set to kick off at the Brisbane Powerhouse in December, He Said/She Said sees the funny pair sharing the best and worst moments of their love story, from his and her perspective.

We sat down with the loved up couple to find out more about the show – and we definitely got a taste of what’s to come.

Kat and Stav, can you tell us a bit about your show, He Said/She Said?

Kat: It’s a show about our lives together. We’ve been together for 15 years, so it’s the story of our life through my eyes and his eyes. It’s also the story we think, of most people’s relationships. If you don’t know us, we hope it will resonate in your own lives. It’s a love story, but it’s funny.

Stav: Hopefully! No, it is funny. You don’t have to know us to get it.

Who came up with the idea?

Stav: We’d been sort of kicking it around for ages, we’d always talked about it. We perform together on the same bill occasionally, Kat will MC and I’ll support or vice versa and there is always a bit of interplay there, so we knew there was a show there if we ever got off our arses and did it. Then Chris (Christopher Wayne) came along and helped us out with that part of it. The idea had always been there.

Kat: Yeah, we just needed someone with a firm foot.

How do you think audiences will react to the show?

Kat: That’s hard question to answer without feeling somewhat arrogant. It’s the best show anyone’s ever written or performed in the world ever!

Stav: They’ll love it!

Kat: We’re both professional stand-up comics, so the audience is in good hands to start with. Getting to work together has been a real gift because we have very different styles, I’m more a narrative comic and he’s more pun so we have a lot to play with using both our strengths.

Stav: We always find when we do MC or support for each other, the audience always like that behind-closed-doors kind of view. The whole show is based on what happens inside our house, so hopefully they’ll like that intimate look.

Will the show be rehearsed or improvised?

Stav: We’ve rehearsed it already once and found that the improv in that rehearsal was probably where we found most of the humour.

Kat: It will have a bit of both, carefully crafted stuff and improv. I come from an improv background and Stav has to work on his feet all the time in radio. He’s got to come up with new material each and every day, so we’re looking forward to having the energy of the crowd to feed on.

Do you ever get offended or upset by the things you say about each other?

Stav: Yes, she does [laughs], and over the years I’ve learned where the line is. I think it also helps that Kat’s not an accountant, so she understands the performance part of it. Both being in the same industry, you sort of know. There’s always a few times where you’ve overstepped the mark. When I was doing stories on the radio there was a line and when Kat started working on the radio the line disappeared.

Kat: We don’t tend to get offended because we’re quite respectful of each other and don’t say anything awful. He has less boundaries than I do so sometimes, though. I’d be listening to the radio and I would hear him tell a story from the bedroom or about our bank account, and that’s the danger areas. He’d get a little text from his wifey going ‘that’s private’. It took a few goes.

Stav: Then she got on the radio and the bedroom door was wide open for some reason!

Kat: That’s not entirely true!

How did you meet?

Kat: I had been away in Canada doing stand-up, I started doing stand-up before he did in 1998. When I came home I was told there was a young comic who started while I was away and that he was exactly my type. I said ‘you guys don’t know me, I’m my own person’ and then I walked into a party and said ‘who is that?’ So predictable! So we met at the party only a week or two after I got back and I put all my moves on him.

Stav: And I failed to notice.

Kat: He didn’t notice. The moves were a little passive aggressive to be honest. There was a lot of arm touching going on, I believed a teased him about his outfit too.

Stav: She talked to other boys at the party, which is why I thought there was no chance there.

Kat: Then I happened to turn up at the gig he was doing a couple of nights later and offered him a lift home.

Stav: High five! The rest is pretty much history. It was kind of the same for me, although my friends said there was a friend of theirs coming back from Canada and ‘you better not hurt her’. We’d better be careful because these are all spoilers for the show!

Kat: Neither of us were ever really the marrying kind until we fell in love with each other.

What is your favourite thing about each other?

Kat: Stav’s ability to empathise with anyone. He has the biggest heart of anyone I’ve ever met and he does it naturally. He just gets it when it comes to people. He’s very generous of his time and his spirit and sometimes with a wife that can be very highly strung; he’s an amazing and incredible support to me and everyone he loves.

Stav: Well, now I can’t say boobs, can I? For me it’s Kat’s sense of humour, it’s very hard to find someone to relate to on that level, especially in a relationship. We’re friends first and foremost and we laugh a lot all the time.

And since having Rory (their child) she’s a fantastic mother. It never seemed like she was going to be before that, but she has taken too it like a duck to water.

Kat: Voted least likely to be a mother, that was me. I never wanted children, then at 35 my biological clock went nuts and now she’s my everything.

Stav: A five-year-old once came up to Kat before she was a mother and asked if he could have a steak knife and Kat handed it to him and he ran off with it and everyone at the table was like, ‘Um, no, that’s not right.’

Kat: Well, he said please.

What’s the most annoying thing about each other?

Stav: I think she’s trying to break us up, Kat!

Kat: Stav has no sense of smell, which is not in and of itself annoying but I do have a sense of smell therefore I can smell Stav’s shoes. It’s probably the only area where his empathy lets him down, because he doesn’t have a sense of smell it doesn’t occur to him.

Stav: Well, where do I start? There is one thing Kat does that I think a lot of woman do. She’ll be reading Facebook and she’ll do this. [Looks down at his phone] ‘Oh my god!’ [Long pause] And I have to go, ‘What?’ [Long pause] And she goes, ‘Oh nothing, something’s happened’.

Oh, and also the way Kat flicks television channels.

Kat: What?!

Stav: It’s so annoying. I flick channels all the time but what I do is catch the most exciting bits of what’s on, whereas Kat will be watching something for about three minutes and then just as it’s about to get to the exciting part she changes the channel. That’s the part I would have stayed on if I was flicking. Drives me mad. Stop doing that, Kat.

What are your tips on a successful marriage?

Stav: I’m going to take down notes.

Kat: It’s all fairly boring stuff, I guess. I’d say communicate, even when it’s not the nice stuff. Always remember that you are each other’s best friend and chose each other every day, and I think that’s a big thing especially when things get tough. I understand why people move away from each other in those times, but those are the times you’ve got to remember that you chose each other and that you love each other and to stand together. That’s what gets you through the hard bits and it makes the good bits so much more pleasurable. That’s what’s worked for us.

Stav: I have one key to relationships. When you’re living with someone, treat your partner the same way you would treat a roommate or flatmate. If you wouldn’t leave your dirty dishes in the sink for a flatmate don’t do it for your partner. If you get too comfortable with each other that’s the sort of stuff that slowly over time builds up and then you want to stab them.

Who’s the funniest comedian out of the two of you?

Stav: I think Kat’s the better stand-up because she does it more; she’s doing it every weekend but if we were on a radio show I think I would be the funnier one there. It just comes back to our different styles and it works well because we don’t compete in that way because we’re not the same. I think in different circumstances we have different talents. That’s the most diplomatic answer I can say.

Kat: We’re not competitive in that way, if we were I don’t think we would have made it. I really appreciate what he does, the tricky thing for us is when we try material out on each other sometimes we’re not the best audience — whilst I appreciate the craft, it’s not my style, and also as a comedian we often don’t laugh when we find something funny. We nod.

Finally, why should people come see the show?

Kat: It will be fun, it’s a show based on love and based on joy. We’re both really happy people and the show is going to be relatable regardless of whether you’re in a relationship or not. The world can be hard, dark and awful and this is going to be a night in the company of people you like with people who are happy to be there. It’s not rocket science, it will be a good night. Laughs will occur.

Stav: The number one thing people say when they find out we’re together is, ‘Oh, it must be hilarious at your house all the time’ and ‘There must be jokes all the time’ and if the come to the show they’ll find out what it’s really like when two comedians get married.

We certainly can’t wait to find out! He Said/She Said will be on at the Brisbane Powerhouse from Thursday 10 until Saturday 12 December. For tickets visit