Kitty Flanagan is bringing a very personal show to Brisbane.

What do gravediggers, cops, Cubans and spaghetti all have in common?

The answer is they all feature heavily in Kitty Flanagan’s new show Seriously?

The comedian is taking her most hilarious personal traumas and experiences out for a spin in her new stand-up offering. A show she never expected to be quite so personal.

“I never intended to be airing dirty laundry, but that’s how it’s ended up,” she says. “When you get to your mid-thirties and you’re still single this weird kind of shift happens. People start saying ‘there’s no one left’ like it’s a shop that ran out of stock, they start panic buying and saying ‘have you got anything out the back?’

“Like, why was I going out with a grave digger for six months? We had nothing to talk about. He was very pleasant, but he dug holes for a living. Not to do him a disservice, he was the one who broke up with me.

“The act developed into me talking about relationships and that’s the spine that runs through the whole show. It’s not a form of therapy for me; it’s more that I’m saying stuff people are really relating to. It’s funny cause it’s true.”

Flanagan is in the midst of taking her Seriously? tour around the country in a way that’s a little different to her fellow performers.

“We do three to four days away, then home for two weeks,” she says. “It makes it more expensive but you enjoy your work.  When I was in London I was on the road all the time and I thought ‘I have the best job in the world and I’m not enjoying it’.”

Everything from using too much salt to the art of blogging takes centre stage in the show.

“Everyone has a blog… but not everybody should,” she says. “The reason I read blogs is the same reason I watch reality television, it’s just fun to shout at. I’ll watch 10 minutes of The Bachelor and think, ‘well, I’m a superior human being’. I feel like a winner.”

Seriously? Is playing at The Brisbane Powerhouse from Thursday 13 August to Sunday 23 August, for more information visit .