2015 is shaping up to Cheap Fakes biggest year yet, as they prepare to unleash their third longplayer album Modern Vintage.

With two well received albums to their credit, 2010’s Stones & Sticks and 2012’s Hand Me Downs , a resume littered with countless national supports (including The Black Seeds and Kora), their new single Just in Case out now and their new album Modern Vintage set to be released later this year, Brisbane’s six piece band Cheap Fakes really are a force to be reckoned with.

For the new album Modern Vintage, the band joined forces with Grammy nominated producer John Merchant, who is known for working with Michael Jackson, Lenny Kravitz, Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand.

Vocalist and guitarist, Hayden Andrews said he met the producer when he was in Brisbane to do a workshop and gave him a CD.

He said he didn’t expect a response, but couple months later he got an email from Mr Merchant saying that he loved the band’s sound and wanted to help them out.

“It was great, we spent a lot of time with him in the studio,” Hayden said.

Cheap Fakes music is described as being a mixture of pop, brass fuelled funk and ska and the new album is certainly no different.

“Modern Vintage is full of life and it’s very energetic, combining a range of genres,” Hayden said.

“The inspiration behind it is pretty much 50 per cent life experiences and 50 per cent made up.”

“You have to have a bit of an imagination when writing songs, otherwise it gets boring,” he laughed.

Hayden says although it’s good to be popular and get the big gigs, the band do it for the love of music.

“We’re all good mates,” he said.

“The only way you can work as a band is to be good mates and have fun.”

“We’ve played shows to no one before, but it’s all part of it. Even if there are a thousand people or five, we go hard and put as much energy as we can into it.”

Hayden says although he has played many gigs he is still gets anxious.

“I get excited before playing a gig; I usually can’t eat before a show because of the anticipation. And after a late night show, I find it hard to sleep because of the adrenalin still rushing through my body,” he said

“We just love playing (gigs).”

Cheap Fakes will be headlining the Mirvac River Stage at Teneriffe Festival on this Saturday, 4 July. Hayden says the band is very excited.

“It will be like one big street party,” he said.

“We will bring the energy, by playing our pop tunes and just having a fun time.”

Cheap Fakes new album Modern Vintage comes out at the end of September. Their new single Just in Case is out now and available on iTunes.