Jack Wilson Stone is known about town as The Bee Man, and he’ll be talking all things bee-related at this year’s Green Heart Fair.

The Greet Heart Fair is a sustainability festival happening on May 31 in Chermside’s 7th Brigade Park, and it’s set to be a day filled with exciting events, education sessions, live music and all kinds of interesting demonstrations.

One of those interesting demonstrations will be all about bees, and resident expert Jack Wilson Stone will be sharing all the knowledge and techniques about starting your own beehive that he’s amassed while running his company, Bee One Third. He’ll also be handing out honey samples and wandering around with (very placid) live bees if you feel inclined to observe the little creatures up close.

The organisers of the Green Heart Fair approached him last year to run a workshop on how to keep bees in your local neighbourhood and it was hugely popular. So they’ve invited him back again this year to share what he knows (and loves) about bees.

Jack says that most people don’t know how to react to bees anymore, since we have such limited exposure to them in our everyday lives.

“Bees used to be in every backyard but now they are much less prevalent,” he explains. “They are the most efficient pollinating insect in the world and it’s so cool how they come together to work in colonies to create something from nothing.”

When Jack talks about bees, his passion is obvious. He goes on to reel off facts about bees and the health benefits of honey and pollen before coming back to the subject at hand — the workshop at Green Heart Fair.

He says his main aim is to raise awareness about the importance of bees and to build appreciation in the community for what bees can do… and to demonstrate that the way bees make honey is truly an amazing process.

At the demonstration at Green Heart Fair, he’ll talk about how vital it is to encourage more people to have bees in urban spaces. He is adamant that bees pose no safety threat to humans and that it’s imperative that people become aware of the dangers of using pesticides on household plants and weeds. Bees fly from flower to flower and can traverse huge distances, so that pesticide may just end up in your honey that you’re putting on your toast.

On a global scale, bees are dying off in enormous numbers, with almost 37 million killed from the effects of modern living.

His talk will focus on how to be more creative and sustainable in your every day life, particularly in relation to bee keeping, and the ways that everyone would benefit from more small scale hives in Brisbane.

But even if you’re not a bee lover, the Green Heart Fair offers plenty of other fun things to do, see, taste and hear from face painting to live performances to market stalls. Come along and be part of the vibrant community.

Catch Jack Wilson Stone and his bees at the Green heart Fair on May 31. For more information, check out our event guide listing.