Musician Katie Noonan has admitted to taking the one career step she never thought she’d take.

Katie Noonan is known for her haunting vocals and beautiful lyrics, and now the musician is taking her music in a different direction.

Despite the fact that Noonan has always shied away from crowd-funding platforms in the past, this year she decided to take the plunge with PledgeMusic and asked her fans to hep her make the type of album she felt driven to create.

Noonan kicked off her first PledgeMusic campaign in February , making her new EP Peace Is My Drug accessible via the fan engagement platform. The EP features two new tracks – Peace Is My Drug and Cloud of Home – with a
further three remixes of Peace is My Drug.

Peace Is My Drug is based around the Michael Leunig poem Peace, with Leunig creating a second verse to the poem exclusively for this song.

“When I wrote Peace is My Drug I was over on North Stradbroke Island which is kinda my special place,” Noonan says.”I was learning very difficult music to sing with the Sydney Symphony for a show at the Opera House. I was freaking out about how hard this song was and learning it so I just went and sat down at my keyboard and that song just came to me in about four minutes.”

Noonan says she has always been hesitant about asking fans for funding, but has been overwhelmed by the support.

“I felt uncomfortable asking people for money, because essentially they are taking a punt on you,” she says “It’s not like I’m presenting them with the finished product so it’s still very much a leap of faith for them. I also feel like I have such a wonderful audience already coming to my gigs and buying my albums that I felt quite uncomfortable doing it.

“But this will be the sixth independent album I’ve produced since leaving Sony. I’ve made five records out of my own pocket which has been fantastic creatively, but there is a point where that gets very difficult to maintain financially to be honest.

“The campaign launched on a Thursday and by Saturday morning I had already reached my goal. It was insane that in under 48 hours I reached my goal, I was hoping to do that in two months. Now we’ve gone over the goal which is great because I really wanted to make a special film clip with a dancer and a choreographer. But it was getting tricky to do a high end film clip without the pledge campaign.

“Pledge, I think,  is a great new model for independent artists to continue making their art. I’ve always functioned as independent artist but I’ve also been really lucky to work with some amazing record companies who would stay out of my creative process but pay the bills, basically. It’s their risk of course but you work your arse off to pay it back.”

Noonan is also embarking on a national tour which will see her perform in Brisbane at The Triffid on Saturday 28 March.

“I’m really excited to be back touring with a band, back with guitars and electric drums,” she says. “Back to where I’ve been after having a good time the last five years making very intimate and quiet music.”

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