Jillian Michaels, star personal trainer of The Biggest Loser and America’s favourite wellness coach, is bringing her motivational live tour to Australia for the first time in October.

Her show, Maximise Your Life, has Jillian Michaels on stage in an intimate and uniquely personal live experience where she can connect and collaborate with her audience. The content has been designed by her to provide the tools and motivation to harness potential, define and kick-start goals, and live an exceptional life. And she does this with certainty, because her life is a demonstration of her successful approach.

Her real success, however, lies in her ability to cut to the core and reach us in the audience, enabling everyone to redefine self-image, dramatically enhance confidence and self-worth, and break through all internal and external obstacles.

She chatted to us about her influences and personal inspirations, and shared her one tip to change your life immediately.

Describe your life in five words?

Blessed, chaotic, passionate, healthy, diverse.

How did you come to have this kind of life? Is it achievable for everyone? Anyone?

By choice. And anyone can have any kind of life they choose, provided they have the desire, fortitude, information and tools.

Your number one tip to change your life today would be…?

Start to connect with ‘why’ by connecting with and cultivating your passion. In life, you can tolerate any ‘how’ if you have a ‘why’.

Who has been your biggest influence? Who has changed the way you approach life?

I have been fortunate to have had many amazing teachers in my life in many different areas of life. They have all given me invaluable information that has allowed me to excel in all facets of my life. In fact, that is exactly what my live show, Maximize Your Life is all about — giving people many of the tools that were given to me that allowed me to achieve my goals and dreams.

If there was one piece of advice that was the most critical it was about perspective. In life, everything is about perspective. For example: many are paralysed by fear of failure. They think of it as a validation of their deepest, darkest concerns with regard to their capability and competence. In truth, failure is an integral part of learning. If you aren’t failing, you aren’t trying hard enough. The trick to failure is to use it as a learning tool, not a stick to beat yourself up with.

Once you learn how to shift your perspective in life the things that used to sabotage you will ultimately allow you to soar.

What advice would you give to people who are unhealthy and unhappy?

Ha! This is why I need a two hour show! Come to my show and I will help you turn this all around. Immediately.

You promise “no hype, no false promise, just results”. How can you guarantee this?

I don’t speak in platitudes that sound good, but do more harm than help. Things like ‘just think positive’ will never come out of my mouth. This is because while they sound nice, they don’t work and often do more damage than good. There are answers out there that super achievers use to live a full life replete with health and happiness.

The only trick is having the knowledge and the tools. I have them. I have given them to countless others I have helped over my 23-year-career and now I get a chance to come down under and share it with my Aussie audience.

The information is sound. The tools work. All you have to do is show up and commit.

In a nutshell – what is the talk about and why should people come?

The talk is about quite literally maximising your life. Having more, doing more, and being more in our lives — achieving goals, realising dreams. In the show we learn how to connect with and cultivate our passions. We uncover sabotaging self-defeating behaviour patterns and thoughts, then learn how to transform them into life-affirming wisdom, depth, strength and empathy in order to transcend and move forward.

Is it appropriate for everyone? What is you are already healthy and achieving success – will those people benefit from coming along?

Anyone over 18. The themes are adult and there is some adult language.

What is one action people could take every day that would make a big difference?

Schedule something you enjoy everyday that is life-affirming, not destructive. A manicure, bubble bath, yoga class etc. The key is to make the statement that you matter and start finding ways to balance your health and happiness as well as your work and your family.

Best advice you’ve ever received? And who was it from?

Again, this would be tough to choose, but Suze Orman has been a great teacher to me. She once said ‘stop fighting fire with fire and start using your head. Water puts out fire. Out love them. Out calm them.’

If we met you in real life, would we recognise you? Are you the same behind-the scenes as in the spotlight?

Some people do. I am pretty low key. I wear my hair tucked into a hat. Usually with a t-shirt and jeans.

If you could work with anyone to change their life, who would it be?

I just like working with everyday people. They are the most inspiring. They are the ones I relate to.

Jillian Michaels’ Maximise Your Life tour hits the QPAC Concert Hall on Friday 24 October. For more details, head to our event guide.