Gold Coast athlete Genevieve LaCaze caused a stir at the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony.

Genevieve LaCaze is a name not many people had heard of until the Commonwealth Games Closing Ceremony this week.

Genevieve is a Gold Coast Steeplechase runner, who caused worldwide controversy when she jumped on stage and crashed Kylie Minogue’s performance. The gorgeous young athlete was celebrating her 25th birthday when she jumped up and weaved her way between Kylie’s topless male dancers, proudly waving the Aussie Flag for the world to see.

Some say she stole the attention from Kylie, others think it was a great advertisement for our country. But whether you agree that it was harmless fun or not, there’s no denying this gorgeous athlete has made a name for herself!

I caught up with Genevieve this morning from London to find out just what she was thinking.

Genevieve you’re the girl of the moment, did you know you’re in every paper here in Australia this morning?

I know I can’t believe it, that’s what everyone keeps saying! It’s a little surreal to me right now.

People are saying you should be punished, I say good on you I thought it was hilarious. What was it like up there on stage?

I was up there for quite a while, making my way between Kylie’s dancers, I thought I’d blended into the performance but then I thought to myself “Kylie will be coming back out soon and she’ll tap me on the shoulder” but a woman came from stage right and scooped me up, she was so friendly about it. She said “you need to go find your country now.” I’ve said the whole time, everyone in Glasgow is so sweet and polite so even though I crashed the Closing Ceremony they were so nice about it.

It actually looked like it was choreographed and the photos are magnificent, your hands on your hip and you’re waving the Australian flag, you’ve got the moves!

I tell you, I am not a dancer, never have been, but when everyone was saying “go on get up there” and as I jumped up someone handed me a flag and I’m so glad they did because it went so nicely with my dance, without that prop who knows what would of happened.


Genevieve LaCaze

Did you learn any of your moves in Gold Coast clubs, like Melba’s?

Well my mum was a ballerina, maybe I can say that’s where it came from – even though those moves weren’t graceful ones.

What was going through your mind just before you did it?

I wish I could give you a step by step thought process but it was more like the crazy atmosphere and the fact the games were over, and with 2018 games coming up on the Gold Coast everyone was saying “Gen you’re from the GC!”, then the next thing I know I’m climbing a fence and I’m center stage with Kylie beside me. All the positive vibes got the better of me.

There’s talk of what the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games mascot should be, I think it should be you

Well I was born and bred on the Gold Coast so maybe we could do giant stuffed Genevieve’s?

When are you heading home?

I would love to come straight back, but I have to continue my season and get a few more races in to try and better my PB. I hope I’ll be back in early October. I was actually supposed to come back recently for my best friends wedding, I was a bridesmaid but I couldn’t make it because I was qualifying for the Commonwealth Games. So I hope she enjoyed the show I put on for her while I’ve been away!

What do you think about Genevieve’s antics? Do you think it was funny or do you think she should be punished?