The country music star is nervously stepping out of his comfort zone for his next gig.

During his 20 year career Troy Cassar-Daley has stepped onto more stages than he’d ever be able to count, yet he can’t hold in a swell of nervous laughter when questioned about an upcoming gig.

The ARIA and Golden Guitar winner is set to perform at Unwind In The Vines with Brisbane’s own QYO Big Band this month at Ocean View Estate and while he will be belting out a few of his well know hits, there will also be a twist to the musical selection.

“It’s half and half. Half of my usual songs and the other half are great classics from performers like Nat King Cole and Frank Sinatra. A lot of really great songs that I love, but I’ve only really sang them in the shower before,” he laughs. “I’ll also have a suit on so it won’t be me just dagging around on stage. I can guarantee it’s going to be a good night and I love what Brisbane is contributing to the music scene.This is also such an amazing venue, it’s like an amphitheater.

“I’m nervous but I also can’t help but be excited to perform some of my favorite songs like Come Fly With Me, Fly Me To The Moon and What A Wonderful World.”

Cassar-Daley’s nerves may be eased slightly with the knowledge that his wife, radio and TV personality Laurel Edwards, will be right next to him on the big night.

“She doesn’t get to perform with me very often but I’m so proud that she’ll be up on stage, singing as well as hosting the event,” he says.”We met as young singers, so it’s nice to go back to that.”

After talking to Cassar-Daley for a just a few minutes it becomes clear that he’s a man head over heels in love with his family. His voice easily fills with warmth when he speaks about his wife, daughter Gem and son Clay and anybody with access to his social media accounts is privy to the inner workings of this musical family.

“There’s nothing better than coming home,” says Cassar-Daley, who has just wrapped up a tour that saw him make his way through Queensland.” The other day I walked in the door and could immediately smell the corned meat cooking, it’s an old family favourite. Getting cuddles from my wife and kids just makes me feel so blessed to come home.

“We haven’t quite formed a family band yet but we all love music.My daughter loves the piano and my son loves the guitar, he’s even started stealing my amp. I was looking for it the other night and I couldn’t find it and he said ‘sorry Dad, I’ve had a loan of that’.

“I don’t put a huge amount of stuff on social media but I do like using it. I’ll put up photos from tours and family photos, like of my son fishing. When you’ve got a girl that’s 13 she says ’don’t put anything embarrassing up there!” and my son followed my page so he can keep an eye on it. I try and make sure I encourage other people to spend time with their families and Facebook can show people why they need to do that. I want people to see me as an everyday bloke and not somebody who is just living the high life.

“These days I’m more about family than anything else, not so long ago we had a bunch of people tail us back to our hotel after a show. I had to say to them ‘look, there’s no party. It’s cocoa with slippers on, we’re old now.”

He may be ‘old’ now, but he’s not afraid to push himself out of his comfort zone, as listeners at his next gig are sure to discover.

Troy Cassar-Daley will play at Unwind In The Vines Sunday June 15th at Ocean View Estate, Ocean View. For more information and tickets see