The world’s moved online, so if you want to get that job, you better know the rules of the digital game. We asked Jason Roulston, head honcho of digital recruitment agency Just Digital People, for a few pointers.

What are your tips for creating a hot resume?
Leave your photo off the resume. Make it super relevant to the job you’re applying for. Highlight durations at previous jobs, and previous companies you’ve worked for. Pick a clear concise font, I recommend Arial, and make it very easy to read. Resumes are given less than seven seconds by the people that can hire you.

What are the biggest issues you think Brisbane job seekers need to be aware of?
Be as exclusive as you can. What I mean by this is Brisbane can be a small world, so don’t whore yourself out to everyone. It might seem like the most logical thing to do when you need a job fast, but it’s also the fastest way to have some very good recruiters, business owners and awesome job opportunities pass you by.

From your experience what are the most exiting employment fields in Brisbane currently? What areas would you be steering your recruits towards?
Digital, digital, digital — everything is moving in this direction. As the battle of the eyeballs becomes increasingly important, more and more people are realising this is taking place in the digital world. In just Brisbane alone, Just Digital People have built a team of seven recruiters focusing purely on finding talent in the Web Development and Design space. Social media is also an area that is on the up and up — as more businesses see its power, the demand is growing. Who’d have thought you could get paid for playing on social media all day, eh?!

What are your top tips for nailing a job interview?
Arrive exactly three minutes before the interview starts, with fresh breath, neat attire and a relaxed feel about you. I know keeping relaxed can be difficult in interviews, however it’s the single best piece of advice that’s probably the most overlooked. When you’re relaxed and ready, you’re unstoppable.

How do you think the digital world of Brisbane has changed and grown and what does this mean for people wanting to enter this field?
I’ve only been in the digital space of Brisbane for three years, but in those three years I’ve seen about three cycles of out-and-insourcing. What I mean here is on the back end of last year, there were next to zero jobs for junior developers, designers & online marketers — in the last month, Just Digital People have successfully placed 11 juniors into work and companies have realised it’s better to pay the extra dollar and are again crying out for smart local talent.

For juniors entering the world of digital in Brisbane, go out and get your own experience first. Go out and find small bits of freelancing work with the local milk shop, charity, school, sports team and have that as your experience to take into the commercial world.

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