David Campbell hits the road and the studio with his idol, writes Helen Goltz.

We know him from stage and screen, now David Campbell is hitting the road and the studio with his idol, Broadway composer John Bucchino.

The new album David Campbell sings John Bucchino will be released in conjunction with the tour that includes a Brisbane stop.

While working in New York in the mid-90s, Campbell discovered the work of Bucchino.  Keen to sing Bucchino’s songs (work that has been recorded by artists such as Art Garfunkel and Liza Minelli), they began a friendship that has lasted decades including performing and recording together.

“The first time I went to New York in 1996, I was eager to totally immerse myself in theatre and performance,” Campbell says.

“I went to see a ton of cabaret performers and all were performing these amazing songs by John Bucchino. I went to see Amanda McBroom (a Grammy award-winning songwriter) one night, and who was performing with her, but – you guessed it – John Bucchino,” Campbell exclaims.

“I boldly went up to him and told him that I wanted to start singing his stuff.  He was not impressed in the slightest.  Some 22-year-old upstart from Australia!

“I eventually persuaded him that it was worth his while to work with me and so we started performing together.  There was a tiny club in Greenwich Village called 88s, where we used to play.  It was a great time.”

So do Campbell and Bucchino work together like a comfortable pair of old shoes now?

“Yes,” Campbell laughs. “Tennis shoes with holes in them.  We are old friends onstage and off. It is such a wonderful experience performing together – such ease.  It is also so funny, taking the piss out of each other.  You are seeing almost two decades of friendship on stage.  He still calls me kiddo even though I am 40.”

Brisbane audiences are in for a treat says Campbell who describes the show as one of a kind.

“We are fortunate to be playing in the Concert Hall at QPAC – a stunning venue, but it can also be really intimate.  The songs that John writes are so beautiful, intricate and from the heart.  I hope that I can do them justice.”

David Campbell sings John Bucchino on Friday 6 June, QPAC Concert Hall, visit QPAC’s website.