Freddy Mercury comes alive through Gary Mullen this month in Brisbane…

While we may never be able to experience a Queen concert again, performer Gary Mullen has the next best thing.

After winning UK talent show Stars in Their Eyes in 2000, where performers competed by impersonating famous singers, Mullen has toured the world with One Night of Queen, dazzling audiences with his vocal resemblance to Freddie Mercury.

“As I say to people all the time, it’s the most fun you can have with your clothes on,” he says. “Some people expect to see a sort of cheap cabaret show, but we’re trying to create a moment in time you’ll never see again, a faithful replication of a Queen show.”

This means bright lights, loud music and lots of energy.

“It’s basically 100 per cent energy,” says Mullen, adding that he still gets a thrill performing Queen songs.

“Freddy was my hero – Queen was the first band I really got into,” he says. “I’ve been a lifelong fan. People ask if I get sick of singing these songs, and the answer’s no.”

Now the show is coming to Australia, something Mullen and his band are really looking forward to.

“It’s going to be pretty great to come and see the country and do the gigs,” he says.

“But swimming in the sea is definitely a no-go – I know you guys have got some sort of big sharks there. I’ll go to the beach, but I won’t go into the water. There are so many things that can bite you.”

EVENT DETAILS: One Night of Queen

Where: Kedron Wavell Services Club

When: Monday 26 May

Tickets: Call 3359 9122 or book on Ticketmaster