Ben O’Donoghue is one of Australia’s most recognised faces when it comes to food. After working in kitchens around the globe, he chats to bmag about returning to his roots…

What inspires your cooking?

My cooking is inspired by seasonal produce, as well as the natural shapes and structures of fruit, vegetables and any delicious, fresh produce.

What’s your favourite meal to cook at home?

My favourite thing to cook at home is laksa and different types of noodle soups. I also love cooking anything on the BBQ!

Favourite ingredients to work with?

I don’t particularly have a favourite food to cook with. I enjoy using anything that is fresh, well reared, well produced and grown with a passion. That is what makes foods a joy to work with and of, course, delicious to eat.

Please explain your approach to cleaning.

My kitchen hand has a great view on cleaning and I relate to it easily. In a nut-shell it is all about Einstein’s theory of time and space being a constant! Basically, being organised and keeping the mess compressed (or in Einstein’s case – the space compressed), reduces the time it takes to do things.

What cleaning tips would you recommend to bmag readers, who juggle busy work demands and family life?

When you’re cooking – follow my golden rule and clean as you go! Be organised and use products that are designed to help. Fairy Platinum dishwashing liquid and tablets make life so much easier as the products really cut through grease in one wash. The end result is that people have more time for the more important things in life – such as spending precious time with your family and friends.

What’s your mentality for cooking?

Enjoy your cooking by keeping things fresh, simple and seasonal!

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