Gold Coast brothers, Jesse and Tyrone Taylor or New World Sound as they are now known, are taking the dance music scene by storm.

New World Sound, is an appropriate title for two brothers whose music is sweeping the globe.

The talented DJ’s are now the youngest Aussies to sign with the Avicii’s  Label, Le7els and have experienced a rapid rise in both the local and international music business.

Their music is being played in clubs across Australia and Europe and the DJ duo just completed an Australian Tour as support act to music sensation Avicii.

The brothers are talented composers that write and produce their own music, as well as re-mix high energy dance tracks. New World Sound already have a healthy fan base and an amazing stage presence, made clear by several videos on their Instagram.

We caught up with  New World Sound and asked their thoughts about he changing attitudes towards dance music and their success so far.

1. How did you and your brother begin making music?

We started out by downloading a music making program ages ago called “Dance Ejay”. From there we ended up switching to Fruity Loops and now we just use Logic Pro 9. We we’re classically trained from a young age so we’ve been experimenting with melodies, harmonies and rhythm since we started going to school.

2. What has been your most successful track so far?

That would have to be a track we released on Doorn Records (Spinnin Records), Flute. It’s charting around the world, 2 in France, 4 in Netherlands, 15 in Belgium!

3. Tell us about being signed to Avicii’s label.

It’s really cool because Avicii is a guy we look up to and the guys at LE7ELS have been really supportive and offer valuable feedback with the tracks we sign to them.

4. Do you think attitudes have changed in regards to Dance Music?

Definitely. I think when we first got into it, it was very underground and there were only a few European and Russian blogs posting this kind of music. When America embraced it, I think everyone started to realise the potential of it and the way it made everyone feel.

5. How did you use social media to promote your music?

We use Soundcloud to post all of our new music and actually give away a lot of free music as well to keep the really close fans updated. You can check that out at We also use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to update fans about where we’re playing, post live pictures, studio pictures, competitions and collaborations in the works.

6. What does this year hold for New World Sound?

We are touring a lot this year, we’ve got Europe all throughout the year, as well as North America, South America and Asia, so that should be exciting! We’ve also got a lot of new tracks coming out! We’ve got another on Doorn Records, Avicii’s label LE7ELS, Ministry of Sound as well as some official remixes for Lady Gaga, Ultra Records and fellow LE7ELS artist Syn Cole.

7. What artists inspire you?

There are so many that we can’t even begin to name. From hip hop producers like Dr Dre to guys now that are pushing boundaries like Avicii and Diplo. I think that if you do something interesting and different, we’ll probably be into it. There are so many guys making cool tunes in their bedrooms who people haven’t heard about that makes us think that Dance Music has a huge future ahead.

8. What advice would you give to other young performers trying to break into Dance Music?

Work really hard. Period. This isn’t the type of career that you go to work and come home and relax. Its 24 hours by seven days by 365 days a year. In saying that …if you are willing to work, it’s the best feeling in the world doing something that you love.

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