English Channel world record holder and World Ocean Swim Champion, Trent Grimsey is not letting retirement slow him down.

In August last year Trent Grimsey retired from professional open-water swimming.

You would think he would be spending his time relaxing and keeping out of the water, but Trent thrives on challenges and in 2014 he is not backing-off.

Trent is working hard on running his own business – Grimsey’s Adult Swimfit, participating in the Moreton Mongrel and training for the Arch to Arc triathlon.

We caught up with Trent and asked him about life after retirement, and his tips on open water swimming.

1. What was your first thought when you realised you were the fastest to cross the English Channel?

I guess my first thought was ‘wow it wasn’t impossible’, then after that, I didn’t really know what to think or feel so I just stood on the beach in France in disbelief. After about five minutes of standing there I swam back to the boat (that was about 100m offshore).

2. What prompted your retirement in August 2013?

I went into 2012 with two goals 1). To be ranked number one marathon swimmer in the world and 2). To break the world record for the English Channel. I was lucky enough to be able to achieve both those goals. I have achieved everything I wanted to in the sport, that’s what made it easy for me to walk away.

3. What drew you to the Moreton Mongrel?

I love extreme endurance events, the harder the better for me and this seemed pretty extreme. What better place to hold an event like this then on beautiful Moreton Island too.

4. What is the Arch to Arc triathlon?

This is my next big adventure. It’s an ultra-distance triathlon from the Arch of London to the Arc of Paris. It starts with a 140km run from London to Dover, then a 34km English Channel Swim from Dover to Calais, it finishes with a 290km cycle from Calais to Paris. The world record currently stands at 73 hours and 39 minutes. I am planning on 60 hours!

5. Tell us about Grimsey’s Adult Swimfit.

When I retired from professional marathon swimming about 12 months ago I started this business with my brother. It’s a way we can give back to the sport that gave us so much over the years. We conduct open water sessions every fortnight at Suttons Beach, Redcliffe. (www.grimseysadultswimfit)

6. What is your number one tip for open water swimmers?

The only way to get better at swimming in the open water is by swimming in the open water. Just get our there and have fun. Enjoy what you do!

7. What is your favourite place to swim in open water (in Australia)?

Hmm, there’s so many but if I had to pick one it would probably be main beach Noosa.

8. What does the year ahead hold for you?

It holds a lot of triathlons and training but I’m looking forward to every minute of it!


Do you feel motivated? What challenges will you face in 2014?