Renowned international magician James Moore reminisces about how his love affair with magic began.

James Moore always knew he was going to live a life of magic.

One of the British performers first memories is saving up to buy a magic trick, performing a spinning plates act at a school talent show and earning the rave reviews that pushed him into a life of performing. “I was very young when I first discovered how much people love magic,” he says. “When I performed my first trick all the adults were very impressed and for a kid that’s a big thing. I trained myself and worked my way up to bigger acts.”

He’s now known to his legion of international fans as ‘The Deceptionist’, and has performed all over the world on cruise liners and TV shows such as Britain’s Got Talent. He’s been credited with bringing the ‘dark arts’ into the 21st century but Moore says that label stemmed from the death dying acts he likes to pull out on stage. Acts where he is seemingly impaled before the audience’s eyes or has flaming spikes thrown at him.

“This is all I’ve ever wanted to do. It can be dangerous to do the acts I perform but really that’s the point, if there is no element of danger than the audience is not in that moment with you,” he says. “There are people in the audience who can’t believe what they are seeing and want to know how it’s done. But it’s not about tricking people; it’s about creating that experience of disbelief.”

Moore is currently performing with a group of fellow internationally renowned performers in The Illusionists 2.0, a magical extravaganza showing at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre until 27 January.