Get some great lunch tips for adults and kids, and find out about the latest food trends from Chef, presenter and author Dominique Rizzo.

Dominique Rizzo has 20 years experience as a Chef and is an ambassador Happier, Healthier Queensland.

This year Dominique will be hosting food tours around Sicily and Spain , we caught up with the experienced foody who shared her knowledge of recipes, ingredients and trending dishes in 2014.

1. What are your 5 favourite ingredients to use?

Being of Sicilian origin and with my love of cooking forever increasing from my Food Tours to Sicily my 5 favourite ingredients to use are lemons, extra virgin olive oil, nuts, spices and fresh herbs

2. What is your favourite dish to cook during the summer months?

My favourite dishes to cook through the summer is one of the salads from my cook book, My Taste of Sicily, it is a zucchini Carpaccio salad with rocket, shaved parmesan, fresh mint, parsley and a simple delicious dressing of olive oil, lemon juice, smashed garlic and salt and pepper. I have so many people throw this together and they have loved it being their go to quick healthy salad.

3. What type of lunches do you think are great to take to work?

I think that salads are fantastic, because you can add all sorts of ingredients to bulk them out and you can make a salad of just about anything, left over roast dinners, stir fry’s and pastas all you need to do is add a couple of handfuls of mixed green leaves. The other dishes I love to take to work myself are bakes, vegetable dishes like a moussaka, lasagne, vegetable strudels or vegetable slices, these can be easily teamed again with salad or shredded chicken, tinned salmon or tuna or some sliced meats.

4. What can you suggest to parents for easy/healthy lunches that the kids will still love?

Kids love interesting hand held food that they can easily grab and run, so healthy vegetable and cheese muffins, homemade muesli bars, fresh fruit sticks, sushi, rice paper rolls. I think anything that you can get some vegetables and or salad into is a winner. I never liked soggy sandwiches when I went to school and use to make my own salads , boiled peeled eggs and wraps.

5. What dishes will be trending in 2014?

I can see a definite trend heading more towards innovative healthy tasty food that isn’t bland, boring or hum drum. Our focus is strongly heading back towards eating local, real Pure Food, simple techniques, affordable prices and sharing plates that people can enjoy dining out at least 2-3 times a week. I love seeing all the old grains making a comeback, heirloom local vegetables and wild edible weeds and flowers. I love the simplicity of where food is heading and that education is becoming a huge aspect of a dining experience with people more concerned and wanting to know where their food is coming from.

6. What does 2014 hold for you, will you be travelling anywhere exciting?

Well yes 2014 is a very exciting year for me hosting my food tours. This year I will be accompanying groups to Sicily in June and Spain in September. I am also heading to Greece to organise an amazing and unique tour for 2015. This tour will be incorporating not only the rich, culture, food and history of Greece but also offering informal art, drawing and painting classes throughout the tour with a local Brisbane based Greek born artist who will be hosting the tour with me. Everything will be supplied to my guests, this has never been done before in this style so it is going to be a one of its kind and an experience of a life time. I still have spaces for my Sicily and Spain tour for this year. If anyone is interested in joining my small group tours please contact me on or visit the website on

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