What is they key to health wealth and happiness? We asked some of the wise staff at bmag what advice they would give to their younger selves.

A new year means another Birthday and as you get older you are meant to become wiser right? With this sentiment in mind we begun thinking about what we would tell our younger selves and no it wasn’t don’t get that piercing or don’t kiss that boy. Here is what some wise bmag employees believe is the key to health wealth and happiness at any age, have a read and see if you agree or disagree.

What is the key to health, wealth and happiness in your teens? According to Rachel – Journalist.

Wealth – Well the key to wealth in your teens is obviously to become a Disney child star…or get a part time job. I think working part time gives you maturity and experience before your time and can also help you time manage with school and other commitments (if you have to work all day Sunday you’re less likely to spend all day Saturday on Facebook).

Health and Happiness – I think these two are intermingled. Playing sport with your friends is a great way to keep fit, but I think not worrying about food or exercise is the best way to be healthy and happy in your teens (leave that for your twenties).

In fact, not worrying about anything is probably the best advice I can give – since teens are prone to anxiety and stress about even the smallest things, if you can keep a good perspective on life and know that all the drama will seem far in the past in only a few years, you’ll be a lot happier (and healthier).

Enjoy your friends, enjoy school, be sweet to your parents – these are the keys to success in adolescence. Be a teenager while you can – it will be over before you know it!

What is the key to health, wealth and happiness in your 20’s and 30’s? According to Alexandra  – Digital Account Manager .

Most of my twenties were focused on establishing and growing my career in another city and building a financial foundation in order to buy a house. In 2013, at age 29, I moved to my home city to be closer to family and move into the next stage of life. I always wanted to be ‘home by 30’.

For most, your twenties are about how much you can cram into each day/night/weekend and climbing the career and social ladders. Now, my thirties are about spending time with family and friends and prioritising to get enough sleep, cook good food, exercise and have time to myself to recharge.

I am so excited about living in our own home, a personal oasis I love going home to every day, relaxing in and sharing with loved ones. A perfect Saturday night for me is cooking in the kitchen with my partner, a glass of wine and some tunes, and Sunday afternoons spent with my friends and their kids.

A shift in attitude in the past few years has seen me thinking about what it was like for my parents and grandparents through the life changes I am going through, and how we expect much more out of life at each stage than they ever did.

Your twenties are fun; a time to take risks (move to another city without a job or friends), travel (work as a counselor at summer camp in the USA) and experiment (red hair anyone?)

Your thirties are enjoyable in a whole other way, with a sense of comfort, self and a greater appreciation for the bigger picture and the people who have gotten you to where you are.

What is the key to health, wealth and happiness in your 20’s,30’s and 40’s? According to Robyn  – Digital Media Manager .

Health – In my 20’s and 30’s I spent a lot of time doing for others…be it children, parents etc. In my forties I learnt that I needed to look after me more and invested more time and effort into my health and fitness.

I experienced things before that in my earlier life I would have thought was indulgent or selfish but now I recognize as essential and understand that if I don’t look after me I am no good to anybody else

Wealth – The struggles of setting up house, having babies and establishing myself professionally were great for building character and fortitude but did not do much for my bank balance or retirement fund.

Now in my 40’s I am in a comfortable position with less dependents and demands on my disposable income. Life without tight purse strings if much more relaxed and enjoyable. I can be more impulsive but have the smarts to invest and ensure that I am still building a strong future financially….the best of both worlds really.

Happiness – This has meant different things to me at different times in my life! In my 20’s the happiness of having babies and setting up house. In my 30’s establishing my career and kicking professional goals while being super woman at home…

Now in my 40’s I am confident and very comfortable in my own skin…more so than any other time in my life.

I know what I want and how to get it and I am very clear with what I want and don’t set goals and have dreams about what I would like to do anymore …I just do it! and kick those goals. I have also reached a point of personal freedom and can enjoy just being me which is exhilarating and gives me a whole new perspective on things. Next step is to find some time stop and smell the roses but I just have too much that I want to do!

What do you think is the key to a full life ?