Patti Lomax has seen the story of her life unfold on the big screen, the harrowing story of the The Railway Man is her own and it is receiving rave reviews.

The Railway Man  has been received well by audiences and critics around Australia.  But what about the women behind the film? Patti Lomax is played by Nicole Kidman in the film and recently she shared her thoughts on The Railway Man and the leading lady.

When Patti Lomax arrived at the Brisbane International Film Festival and watched the story of her life unfold on the big screen before a captivated audience, she knew the sacrifice of sharing the harrowing tale had been worth it.

The Railway Man is based on her late husband Eric Lomax’s bestselling autobiography and shares his history as a British officer who was captured by the Japanese in Singapore and sent to a Prisoner Of War camp, where he is forced to work on the Thai-Burma Railway. During his time in the camp, Lomax was tortured. Years later, still suffering the trauma of the experience, he returns to the scene of his torture and manages to track down his captor from the prison camp in an attempt to let go of a lifetime of bitterness and hate.

“It’s a story about forgiveness but it’s also raising awareness about what prisoners of war go through and how they are not alone in their suffering, their families and loved one’s suffer just as much,” Patti during her visit to Brisbane for the film’s premiere. “This is only the second time I have seen it and it is still very hard to watch. I think the audience enjoyed it but they were all very quiet and drawn into the story as we watched it.”

Eric Lomax passed away last October at age 93, but Patti said although he was happy with how the film was being made he had no desire to see the finished product.

“It just would have been too painful for him,” she explained. “He didn’t want to relive it but he was happy with how the story was being told. He grew especially close to Colin Firth, who plays him in the film, which was surprising because Eric was not close to many people. But he and Colin understood each other from the beginning and they became friends.

“I didn’t meet Nicole Kidman, who plays me, until filming was nearly done but I’ve heard that’s how she prefers to work. I’d heard she could be a bit standoffish but we got along very well. After all, we’ve both had difficult husbands to deal with.

“I think this is an important part of our history that needs to be told and although it can be difficult to watch I’m happy his story is being told .”