Brisbane based band Dozzi could be the next big thing in Australian music, their Country Pop/Rock sound is sure to turn heads in 2014.

The Brisbane based trio Dozzi is made up of Andrea, Jesse and Nina, three sisters with a passion for music. The girls recently gave us some insight into their love for music and what 2014 holds for this up and coming band.

Where does the name Dozzi come from?
Dozzi is our last name and it originates from Italy

How did you girls begin creating music?
We grew up listening to our parents play, sing & write music, they were full-time working musicians. There was always music playing around the house and we were all singing from a very young age.  Andrea & Jesse starting performing at approx 12 & 14 years old, starting at Christmas caroling and eventually decided to form a band. Once Nina finished high school she joined the band on stage & writing music. We’ve been performing together ever since.

What has it been like being a Brisbane based band trying to make it big in music?
We’ve grown up in Brisbane and have lived here our entire lives. Sometimes it can feel like there are alot of opportunities happening in other cities but there really is a great musical community here in Brisbane & we are proud to be born & bred here. Plus we are lucky enough to live in a city that is quite central, we can always just jump in our car and head off down the coast to play gigs all the way to Sydney & back.  No matter where our music takes us, we will always be Brissy girls at heart.

What instruments can you play?
When we perform on stage Andrea plays the Mandolin, Jesse plays the Acoustic Guitar & Nina plays the Keyboard. However, we have all grown up playing both the guitar & piano plus we love to experiment with different sounds as our Dad always had a bunch of different instruments  lying around the house.

How would you describe your style of music?
People tend to categorize our music as Country Pop/Rock, however we have so many different musical influences & listen to pretty much all styles of music so we like to tell people to just listen to the music for the music!

What is your song writing process?
Every song is different. Sometime we will come to eachother with an idea or a chorus and then finish the song off together. Sometimes we will just write by ourselves & we have also co-written quite alot over the last year or so.  Each process is different & fun in it’s own way but most of the songs come from something we’ve felt or experienced at that moment. Some people go to therapy to get their emotions out… we write a song about it!

Who have been some of the biggest influences on your music?
As corny as it sounds, our parents would be the biggest influences on our music.  Mum is always giving us advice on the music business & Dad is always there to give us his opinion on a song or even write one with us.. our father is a musical genuis!! hehe Other influences range from Taylor Swift, Alanis Morissette, The Dixie Chicks, Tina Arena, Pink, Keith Urban… the list goes on and on!

If there was one music career you would like to emulate whose would that be?
One person’s career that we would love to follow is Keith Urban.  He has really put in the hard yards and worked for many years to prove himself.  He is a singer/songwriter/musician just like us & he grew up only 20 minutes from where we live, plus he has long blonde hair… he’s a Dozzi he just doesn’t know it… yet!!! hehe

What was the highlight for Dozzi in 2013?
Something that stands out above everything else is this year we saw people at our shows in the crowd singing the lyrics of OUR songs but to US! There is no other feeling quite like it.  We feel like this year we have really broken out onto the music scene & more people are knowing who we are & the music we write. We have played at a heap of festivals, toured, released two new singles & met a bunch of new Dozzi fans.  We hope 2014 just keeps getting better and better!

What does 2014 hold for Dozzi?
Our biggest venture next year will be releasing our album. We want more & more people to hear our music & meet as many of them as possible!  We are starting 2014 off with a bang at the Tamworth Country Music Festival & then will follow that with a tour around Australia to promote our album…so keep an eye out on our website for dates!

If you could tell bmag readers to listen to one of your songs what would it be?
Take a listen to our latest single ‘I Need You Tonight’.  We co-wrote this song with Chris Tuttle when we were in Nashville & were lucky enough to have Drew McAlister (from McAlister Kemp) join us on the track… we love it and we hope your readers do to!