How does Santa Claus prepare for his busiest night of the year? What are working conditions like for the elves? All this and more in this exclusive Q and A with the man in red.

We put in a call to the North Pole and managed to get  Santa Claus to answer a few of our questions.  We asked Santa Claus about his busiest time of year, his reindeer and his favorite Santa snacks.

How do you prepare for your big trip?

It’s such a busy time, I have a Christmas checklist that I follow every year. I make sure the Reindeer and I are in good shape leading up to the big night and we do practice take offs and landings around the North Pole. I eat lots of healthy meals and I stock up on fresh coffee. I have a coffee machine in the sleigh so I can make coffee to my heart’s content.

What is your favorite country to visit?
Australia of course, it is great place for a holidays because it has the best beaches and everyone is so friendly.

Do you get hot in your big red suit in Australia and warmer countries?

I always pack my boardies so when I am entering a warmer climate I can quickly change, so I am more comfortable.

What is your favorite snack to eat on your route?

It really depends where I am, if I’m in a warmer country nothing beats a cold beer, milk with a fresh sandwich or a slice of Christmas cake. If I am in colder countries I enjoy a glass of eggnog or hot chocolate with some Christmas treats like fruit mince pies. I don’t like eating Santa shaped cookies. It is a bit off-putting eating your own face.

What do your reindeer like to eat?

My reindeer love to eat carrots. They are the best snack to keep their energies high and night vision up to scratch for the long flight through the night sky, but also water!  It can be hard work flying through the sky all night so I have to make sure I keep them hydrated.

Who is your favorite Reindeer?

All my reindeer are my favorite, at least that’s what I tell them. Many would probably think it is Rudolph but it’s actually Comet. He has a great attitude and is always reaching for the stars.

How many elves do you employ?

I employ thousands of elves in my workshop, but don’t worry the working conditions are excellent and they have some of the most luxurious housing in the world. I have to keep S.P.E.W. (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) off my back.


How do you decide if someone is Naughty or Nice?
I monitor everyone closely throughout the year with my own special Santa equipment. For legal reasons I have to state that I have no ties to the NSA. I can’t release the specifics of my naughty and nice criteria it is highly confidential but I will say being a good listener and being kind will never go unnoticed.

What is your favorite toy?
There are so many it is hard to choose just one. I go through phases one year it the Yo-yo, the next it’s the Furby, but I will always have a special place for teddy bears as they are such a timeless gift.


What questions would you ask Santa if you had the chance to speak to him?