Clare Bowditch talks all things Woodford Folk Festival.

There’s no better place to ring in the New Year than the magical land of Woodfordia, a place that appears just once a year and brings together a gaggle of musicians, artists and performers.

The annual Woodford Folk Festival, now in its 28th year, will run from 27 December to 1 January with more than 2000 performers taking to the stages and 438 events on hand. Entertainment industry veteran Clare Bowditch is happy to discuss all things Woodford Folk Festival in the lead up to the big event. The seasoned performer wears many hats and as a successful singer, songwriter, actress, writer and entrepreneur she is once again eager to perform on the iconic Woodford stage.

“It’s such an amazing festival with a great atmosphere, there is always something to see,” Bowditch says. “I’ll be performing with a big ensemble this year and I’m bringing my children along to experience it as well.

“There is such a community feeling and my favourite part of the festival is walking through the crowd and talking to the people.”

Her latest out of seven releases The Winter I Chose Happiness has been widely received as has her character Rosanna, on the popular television show, Offspring. Clare is set to indulge Woodford Folk Festival audiences with a big band and the gorgeous songs she’s known for when she appears on stage.

The Woodford Folk Festival programme features concerts, dances, street theatre, writers’ panels, film festival, comedy sessions, acoustic jams, social dialogue and debate, folk medicine, an entire children’s festival, an environmental programme featuring talks, debates and films, art and craft workshops, circus performances and workshops, late night cabarets, parades and special events including a spectacular fire event.

Within the festival village you can find 36 performance venues, of which 18 are all weather. The festival streets are lined with restaurants, cafes, stalls, bars, street theatre and parades. Tree-filled campgrounds, butterfly walks, ponds and wildlife complete the picturesque site.