Emirates Airline’s Nicholas Slorach sees every day as a high for a flight purser

Emirates Airline’s Nicholas Slorach begins his day donning not only the impeccable uniform of the flight purser, but also the face of an unflappable officer who might plump your pillow – or  save your life.

Brisbane-raised Nicholas Slorach, 31, has been flying with Emirates for 10 years, crossing the globe out of his home in Dubai in A380 and BA777 jets, playing the role of first-aid, safety and security officers, fire fighters and discreet public relations ambassadors, remaining always calm, cool and collected – on the outside at least.

 “You cannot do this job if you are not a people person,” Slorach says. “You’ve got to love working with the public, because you are with them your whole working day – and in a confined space.’’

On the A380 Slorach leads up to 24 crew across first, business and economy class, rotating through the sections, answering call lights, dispensing drinks and warm towels, checking in with the captain and cockpit crew about every 30 minutes. He unpacks, loads and serves meals, answers questions, clears away, soothes ruffled feathers, while constantly alert for the unexpected and left-field events.

This could be someone’s cigarette setting off a fire alarm in the toilet, sending them into full fire fighting mode.

Or a request from a passenger for a private place to propose to his girlfriend. No problem. Slorach cleared out a first-class lounge, organised flowers, champagne, romantic mood lighting – even a camera for the event. He couldn’t organise the answer, but luckily she said “yes’’.

At flight’s end, when everyone disembarks, he and the crew head through customs then on to a bus to their hotel. He is very happy if it’s New York, his favourite “outstation’’.

But if it’s Brisbane, he says, he inhales deeply. “It’s the cleanest, freshest air here, ‘’ he says.