The Joynery is where community rules! It is a skill-sharing melting pot

Brisbane marketer and ideas person Jess Daly has made dabbling an art form with the establishment of her West End community skill- sharing enterprise, The Joynery.
Every week, people of all ages and from all walks of life come there to learn – and share – skills from knitting, lace making, Nepali dumpling making, meat curing, basic flower arranging, bee keeping, cake icing, baking perfect scones, cryptic crossword solving, worm farm construction, pattern designing, ; things that they’ve always wanted to accomplish, but just never got around to – or didn’t know where to begin.
” The idea for the Joynery was born of a personal love of learning,” Jess, 31, says. ” I’ve always been attracted to picking up new skills and immersing myself in new ideas – but I’m also a little bit fickle. So that means I really just dabble.”

 Formerly with the ABC in Brisbane, Jess spent almost four years travelling and living in London and New York and in those big cities found a whole community that supports dabbling. “Particularly in New York, everyone has creative side projects and a new hobby every other week and there’s a community education industry built on dabbling,” she says. 

Jess moved home at the end of 2011 and was sad to lose that connection to a big creative melting pot. So began The Joynery – a place where she could bring together skills and ideas in a really creative community. 

“We facilitate classes in spaces around Brisbane like galleries, coffee shops and bars. Our teachers are everyday people with a passion they can share and our classes are full of really interesting people too, ” she says.

Jess has been amazed by the skills and talent Brisbane has to offer. ” We’re only starting to scratch the surface,” she says.

The last classes for 2013 run until early December. Most are at The Box in Vulture St. More information can be found on The Joynery website (