Cosmetic entrepreneur, Brisbane’s Erin Bigg dishes on her own cosmetic line, common make-up mishaps and her staple item.

Brisbane make-up artist and cosmetic entrepreneur, Erin Bigg speaks about her cosmetic line available from Brisbane stockists, common make-up mishaps and her staple item.

Why make-up artistry?

My mother used to paint pottery and ceramics so I grew up immersed in an artistic environment. Creative arts and music were always my favorite subjects through school so it was a natural progression that I would turn my hands to something artistic once I graduated.

What have been some of your career highlights?
Being a finalist in the Australian Beauty Industry Awards ‘Makeup Artist of the Year’ in both 2012 and 2013.

What is your make-up staple item?
I love a good illuminator – it can make even the most dull, tired skin come to life and gives such a youthful, luminous glow to any skin tone.

What is a common mistake people make with make-up?
Mis-matched foundation colour is a common mistake. Many people try to match to the face, jawline or neck. The key is to match the colour to the chest area. This gives a more even colour match across the face and chest and it all blends as one. It must also be blended well down the neck as this area is always a lot lighter than the face and chest due to being shaded from the sun.

This season, what’s in?
Spring is always popular for pastels. As we come out of Autumn Winter we also see a shift from Velvet Matte skin to dewy and luminous finishes.

Who are some Australian celebrities you’ve worked on?
I have had the opportunity to work with Charlotte Dawson and Didier Cohen from Australia’s Next Top Model. Also Pete and Manu from My Kitchen Rules. I quite often get the opportunity to work with media and sporting personalities which is always great fun.

What vision did you have for Erin Bigg Cosmetics?
When I started working on the range nearly two years ago my vision was to provide fashion-forward, luxurious colour collections to both the professional artist and every day woman. We pride ourselves on being a moving, evolving brand, bringing new collections and feature products each season whilst maintaining our core range of best sellers. The brand has been fashioned to help facilitate the ultimate make-up journey; the discovery of one’s beauty and creative freedom. Our aim is to encourage women to experiment with seasonal looks – after all, it’s just make-up – it washes off!

Where to now?
I’m looking forward to expanding the Erin Bigg Cosmetics line – there are many exciting projects in the pipeline. I also plan to remain active on the professional artist circuit also. I feel it is so important as the director to remain switched on to key trends, techniques and artist needs – besides, I absolutely love make-up application and helping others unlock their inner and outer beauty!