Loren Burton is an intern for the UN and is on a mission to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Loren Burton is on a mission to educate Brisbane on the issue of human trafficking and is an intern for the United Nations. Candice Jackson spoke to her about this issue and how Brisbane can get involved in stopping human trafficking.

Q1. Who is affected by human trafficking?  

A1.Women and children are often kidnapped into the industry or sold into it by family in desperate circumstances and victims are exploited for manual and sexual labor, as well as organ theft. At present there are more than 27 million people being trafficking throughout the world. There are more slaves in the world than ever before. Victims include men, women and children.

Q2. Why have you chosen the UNAA to intern at during your studies?

A2. I chose the UNAA to do my internship because working for the United Nations to combat human trafficking is my dream job, so United Nations Association of Australia felt like the right choice to get to know a bit more about the organizations’ values.  

Q3. What is something that most of the public wouldn’t know about human trafficking?

A3. The average victim is only 12 years old. The average age is getting younger and younger as clients seek “fresh” product.  Another point that the public may not know is that only 1-2% of victims are ever rescued.

Q4. In which countries does it occur the most?

A4. Believe it or not this crime is occurring throughout the world, but because it is such an underground crime, often the countries’ own citizens aren’t even aware it is occurring on their doorstep. Some of the worst countries are Greece, as a destination country, which is known as the ‘center of trafficking in Europe’, with a lot of women being trafficking from the Ukrain, Russia, the Middle East and South East Asia.

Q5. What about Australia?

A5. There have been some cases of human trafficking in Australia. And with prostitution being legal in many states it is not surprising as this makes is easier for traffickers to pose as pimps and victims to be portrayed as prostitutes.

Q6. How can the Brisbane public help?

A6. The Make It Stop awareness raising event gives the people of Brisbane the opportunity to actively take part in putting an end to human trafficking. By becoming educated about the issue, and in turn, raising the profile and spreading the word, which will eventually help to make it stop. There will be a free morning tea, and a range of guest speakers to present some interesting facts and practical ways that we can join together as a people to literally put an end to this crime.

One person can’t do everything – but together we can Make It Stop.


Make It Stop Awareness Event:

When: Saturday 23 November 10am

Where: Queensland Multicultural Arts Centre, 102 Main St, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

Free – Donations are appreciated

To register for the event email: miscampaign@outlook.com