We put 14 words to Clive Palmer and asked for his response. We even gave him the last word!

We put a few words to Clive Palmer and here’s what he had to say! We even gave him the last word.

1. Economy

I want to release $70billion into the Australian economy to create confidence, demand and jobs. This will be done by changing the situation where companies pay their tax quarterly, based on an estimate, to companies being required to pay their tax annually based on their actual results. This result will mean that an extra $70billion remains in the economy for a year, creating confidence, strong domestic demand and jobs. At the end of the year the government gets the $70billion anyway. The $70billion only has to turn over once in individual’s hands to create $7billion of GST alone, so it will also create more revenue and mean we can have more facilities, schools and hospitals.

2. Tax

From the 1 July 2014 we will reduce income tax by 15 per cent, putting $2500 in the average taxpayer’s pocket. As the money circulates in the economy the government will get 10 per cent GST. If it circulates 10 times in a year the government will get back the same amount of tax anyway, but this will impact positively on our economy. Every time you spend it will create more jobs and more demand. We can spend our money better than the government can.

3. Clive Palmer on Refugees
We are wasting the money we are spending on refugees; we should be processing refugees at airports to stop the need for a naval blockade. When they arrive in the country we need to determine if they are genuine with a legitimate claim to stay in this country. If they are illegitimate we do the same that is done in the USA and Europe and send them back.

4. Fringe Benefits Tax
Palmer United will abolish fringe benefits tax (FBT), injecting $4billion into the Australian economy. FBT is a negative tax; it stops Australians doing things. It’s time for a change; a fundamental change. We will stimulate the economy and create more jobs.

5. Family
I was born in Melbourne in 1954 and my family moved to Queensland in 1963. Today, my family is the centre of my world. Sure, my wife goes mad at me occasionally for saying the wrong thing, but that’s what every man goes through. A happy wife is a happy life! The decisions I make for this country I make as a family man, a businessman and an Australian. We need support and a just system for all families.

6. Australia
I have a strong commitment to this country and to do the right thing. Being in government is about making a better life for the citizens of this great country. People who fought for this country did not go overseas to fight for the Liberal or Labor party, they went to fight for Australia. Let’s ensure our children have a better life for the future.

7. Pets
My pet project is Titanic II. The replica will be the same as the original and the first voyage is scheduled for 2016.

8. Home
Palmer United will make the first $10,000 of every home loan tax deductible, boosting the construction industry, home ownership and helping every Australian to own their own home.

9. Pension
We will increase the old age pension by 20 per cent and give every pensioner an additional $150 a fortnight of living wage. At the moment pensioners are paid less than asylum seekers.

10. Kevin
Kevin Rudd needs to listen to the people of Australia. He would hear that people are hurting. His fixation on taxing Australians into oblivion is highlighted by the fact he has introduced several new taxes during an election campaign. His approach is that if the budget needs more money they can get it from the taxpayer, no matter how badly people are hurting. I say enough.

11. Mining
It was a big call 25 years ago to go out into the desert and look at the resources, see what was there for Australia and see what we could do. Everyone thought I was crazy risking everything.

12. Ideas
If I have any power or influence, it is because of the strength of my ideas. I’m not afraid to put things out there. Trailblazers made this country.

13. Fatherhood
I have two wonderful adult children to my first wife, Susan, who was a giving woman and always concerned about other people. When Susan passed away, I didn’t count on finding love again. But now I have a beautiful daughter, Mary, with my wife and partner in life, Anna. We are expecting another child in December. Both of us lost our first partners to cancer; we understand each other. It is difficult to be a good parent; you do the best you can.

14. Journalists
I enjoy the press conference, the jostling of the press. It is good to see them out there.

And the last word from Clive…

15. Serving
The concept of public service seems to be all wrong at the moment. There should be no distinction between politicians and citizens of Australia. People who run our government should have business experience and not waste our money, plus we need a treasurer who can count. I’ve got nothing to gain by being Prime Minister but I want to serve; it is about the ideas that make our country better.