Guests were immersed in the heart of Jamaica at Appleton Estate’s Kingston to Kingston launch, the celebration of a rum reconnaissance of a bartender from Kingston, Logan to Kingston, Jamaica.

Aussie bartender Leah Steven, from Kingston, Logan, recently paid a visit to Kingston, Jamaica on a cultural exchange organised by Jamaican rum distiller Appleton Estate.

In Jamaica, Leah was tutored by bartender Sheldon Spencer, and the two joined forces to create a cross-cultural cocktail they called RAW.

Now that she’s home, Leah showed off her new cocktail at the Appleton Estate Rum Kingston to Kingston launch at the Port Office Hotel.

The night included lush green interiors inspired by Jamaica’s cane fields, music inspired by its vibrant music scene and cuisine with a Jamaican flair, complemented, of course, by Appleton Estate RAW cocktails.