Shots from the opening night of Mystique – the latest performance by acclaimed Australian illusionist, Michael Boyd. Held on January 3rd at Sea World Resort on the Gold Coast.

Catch Michael Boyd’s Mystique at Sea World Resort until 31st January 2014.

Following his hugely successful Cabaret De Paris at Jupiters Theatre, and off the back of standing ovations in Australia’s Got Talent, Michael Boyd will be performing Mystique at Sea World Resort’s Ocean Theatre on January 1, though to 31.

“Audiences will be left in utter disbelief as they see things which they believe to be impossible yet are happening right in front of their eyes. The show will make people question their sense of reality and what is and isn’t possible,” says Michael Boyd. “It’s a perfect show for this exciting new theatre and will appeal to families on holidays from all over the country, as well as Gold Coast residents who are so known for supporting live theatre and events.”

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