We’re all going to look ridiculous together at the Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival.

Virtual reality (VR) is a wonderful thing, and enables savvy content creators to shape truly immersive experiences for audiences to enjoy.

It’s also true, however, that the best part of VR is watching someone else experience VR, because there’s just no way not to look like a dork when you’re wearing one of those headsets and reacting to stimuli that only you can see.

An event coming up in Brisbane has gotten around this problem, however, with a simple twist — what if everyone in the room has a VR headset on, and we can all look like dorks together?

A selection of short films, music videos and documentaries that incorporate virtual reality technology have been chosen to screen at the inaugural Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival, Australia’s first film festival dedicated to VR.

The festival is intended to serve as a platform for innovative filmmakers to showcase their work to the public.

“There are thousands of new [VR] works being released every week,” says curator Lincoln Savage, who has whittled down the list of works that will be viewable with the help of co-curators David Don and Lubi Thomas and industry partner Kris Stewart.

Each audience member will be given the opportunity to experience the full immersive potential of VR by viewing the content of their choice at their own pace through their own individual head-mounted display at a number of public sessions across the weekend.

Highlights of the program include Dear Angelica, a hand-painted VR short story featuring the voices of Geena Davis and Mae Whitman; The Other Dakar, an homage to Senegalese mythology; and I, Philip, a mind-bending experience inspired by the wild true story of an android human based on science fiction author Philip K Dick. The android’s head disappeared on a flight between Dallas and Las Vegas, and was never found.

The Australian Virtual Reality Film Festival will be held at Brisbane Powerhouse (119 Lamington Street, New Farm) from Friday 11 August to Sunday 13 August. For more info and tickets, visit avrff.com.