Brisbane Airport is on the hunt to find a ‘LEGOist-in-Residence’, and you could be the missing piece.

Brisbane Airport Corporation CEO and managing director Julieanne Alroe says the unusual position is being offered as part of Brisbane Airport’s Artist-in-Residence program, which has previously featured talents like realist painter Robert Brownhall and even the Queensland Symphony Orchestra.

“This time we thought we’d venture outside the box of traditional art and performance and into a space that most of us have dabbled in at some stage in our life, but with a view of taking it to new heights,” Alroe says.

“From its humble beginnings, LEGO has truly transcended the realms of toy boxes across the world and is growing in popularity with creative artists producing mind-boggling installations from the colourful blocks.

“We saw real opportunity in engaging someone skilled in this art form to become Brisbane Airport’s next Artist-in-Residence and we’re excited about what a LEGOist will bring to the program.

“From life-sized installations to interactive workshops, anything is a possibility.”

The LEGOist-in-Residence will be contracted for a period of 12 months (June 2017 to June 2018), and will need to be available for random LEGO chats, planning sessions and corporate appearances.

It’s not a full-time position (hours required at the airport will be flexible), but it is a chance to get paid for something you probably love doing for free anyway.

Expressions of interest for the LEGOist-in-Residence position will close 15 June 2017; if you think you might be the perfect fit, visit to apply.