Residents in bayside and riverside suburbs have been warned of flooding risks this weekend as higher-than-normal high tides hit Brisbane.

Brisbane City Council has warned residents that there will be higher-than-normal high tides from Friday 10 March through to Monday 13 March, with a predicted tide peak of 2.78 metres expected at the mouth of the Brisbane river at approximately 8:51am on Saturday 11 March.

The high tides are expected to be similar to those experienced in early June last year, with similar impacts. That means there might be minor localised flooding in bayside, riverside and low-lying parts of nearby suburbs.

Areas connected to the foreshore, and tide-affected areas of the river, creeks and other waterways may also be affected.

Residents in areas prone to localised flooding due to high tides are being advised to avoid driving through flood affected roads, and avoid parking their cars on the street.

Longtime residents are being encouraged to make new neighbours aware of minor localised flooding risks in and around their area.

Sandbags are available for collection at any time of the day on the footpath outside the following depots:

  • Darra (38 Shamrock Road)
  • Morningside (9 Redfern Street)
  • Newmarket (66 Wilston Road, in car park off Erneton Street)
  • Zillmere (33 Jennings Street)
  • Lota (Herbert Street)

For more info, you can call Brisbane City Council on (07) 3403 8888.