Already a great Australian tradition, the ‘democracy sausage’ has now been crowned Australia’s Word of the Year for 2016.

A ‘democracy sausage’ is, of course, the sausage in bread that virtually everyone finds themselves chowing down on at their nearest polling booth on election day.

ABC News reports that the Australian National Dictionary Centre has chosen the term — which first came into circulation in 2012, but didn’t really break through to mainstream prominence until this year’s federal election — as Australia’s Word of the Year.

“Arguably, the democracy sausage has been one of the best things to come out of a tumultuous year in politics and political campaigning,” the centre’s Amanda Laugesen told ABC News.

The Word of the Year is chosen from ‘pop culture research’ conducted at the Australian National Dictionary Centre, which is based at the Australian National University.

‘Democracy sausage’ had a few close contenders for the title, including:

  • Shoey: The act of drinking alcohol out of a shoe when celebrating.

  • Smashed avo: A popular brunch that became a social media sensation after columnist Bernard Salt said young Australians could afford a home if they simply stopped eating smashed avocado on toast.
  • Census fail: A reference to the Australian Bureau of Statistics’ massive (and entirely predictable) failure on election night.
  • Deplorables: A term, popularised by Hilary Clinton, that describes conservative and reactionary voters who reject ‘mainstream’ politics.
  • Ausexit: Apparently, a popular word to describe the republican push for Australia to leave the monarchy in the wake of Brexit.

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