Adele is coming to Brisbane for the first time. We all know she can sing, but did you know she’s absolutely hilarious, too?

Adele’s songs are emotional rollercoasters, and most of those emotions are usually deadly serious — hers are the songs of heartbreak, lost love and regret.

Which is kind of a shame, because as anyone who’s ever seen her do an interview knows, she’s a natural-born comedian (and she’s got an incredibly unique laugh).

Now that she’s coming to Brisbane for the first time for a show at The Gabba, we thought it was a good time to take a look back at five Adele moments that had us ROFLing in the deep.

When she impersonated her own impersonators

You know those spy movies where a character puts on a prosthetic ‘face’ to disguise themselves and you think to yourself, “There’s no way that would ever work in real life”?

Well, think again, because Adele totally vanished into her disguise as softly spoken Adele impersonator ‘Jenny the Nanny’ for this gag.

She teamed up with Graham Norton for this prank, which saw her don a fake nose and chin, change her manner of speaking, and hang out backstage with other Adele impersonators who thought they were auditioning for a TV show.

When one of the impersonators mentions the five-year wait for Adele’s album, 25, the real Adele takes a dig at herself: “Taking her time,” she says, before joining in on the pile-on when the impersonators complain that business has slowed because there isn’t much demand for Adele anymore.

And then, the moment — Adele steps out on stage for her audition (barefoot, of course), and despite being unrecognisable under the prosthetics, the impersonators realise that she’s the real deal as soon as those vocals start pouring out.

That’s who Adele is — she literally can’t be mistaken for anyone else, even when she’s in disguise in a crowd of people who make a living out of looking and sounding like her.

When she teamed up with Ellen to prank Jamba Juice employees

If you’ve ever been home on a weekday and watched Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show, you know one of her favourite bits is to send a celebrity into an awkward situation and feed them instructions through an earpiece.

It takes a game celeb to really nail these, and Adele is nothing if not game. First, she had her assistant walk into a Jamba Juice and warn the staff about how picky she can be. When she entered the store, DeGeneres fed dialogue and instructions to Adele through the earpiece, making sure her interaction with the Jamba Juice employees was as painfully awkward and absurd as possible.

The best bit? Definitely when she chops up her own wheatgrass and eats it raw.

When she absolutely owned this Nicki Minaj verse

James Corden has had some mega-celebs appear on his Carpool Karaoke segments, but it’s hard to think of one who made a better impression than Adele.

Naturally, Adele sung a few of her own songs with Corden, but the segment really comes to life when she takes on a few hits by her favourite artists. She proves her Spice Girl fan credentials by singing along with Wannabe, and then she blows everyone away with her rapping skills, taking on Nicki Minaj’s legendary verse from Monster.

If Adele decided to drop a hip hop album, we wouldn’t be mad.

When she got loose on The Graham Norton Show

There’s something about Graham Norton that seems to bring out the best in Adele.

During a 2011 appearance on The Graham Norton Show, at the height of her powers after releasing 21, Adele told unfiltered stories about the time she heard Jennifer Aniston pee (and called her ‘Rachel’) and the time she flashed an entire bus full of people, and then revelled in the Graham Norton tradition of ejecting an audience member from ‘The Red Chair’ because his story was boring, and clearly, Adele doesn’t do boring.

When she put the suits at the BRIT Awards in their place

When Adele won the gong for the British Album of the Year at the BRIT Awards, her speech was cut short. The event was going over time, you see, and it was time for Blur to close the show; nobody had factored in any time for the winner of the night’s major award to have her say.

When host James Corden (yep, him again) approached her to apologise and drag her off the stage, Adele wasn’t having it, and flipped the bird as she walked off — a gesture she later explained was directed at the “suits” who run the show.

Graham Norton Bonus Round

Okay, here’s one last moment with Adele and Graham Norton — this time, the talk show host arranged for fans of the singer to pose for photos with her Oscar statue. Then Norton and Adele would quietly stand behind the fans, pulling faces and posing with props, photobombing their pics.

Honestly, we think this would have been even better if Adele had let the fans leave without knowing she was there until they checked the pics later, but she was too nice for that — after each pic, Adele would sneak up on the fans and surprise them.

Adele will play The Gabba on Saturday 4 March 2017. Tickets will go on sale on Monday 21 November at 10am AEST at