Batman’s not answering his Bat-Signal, so it’s been left to the Queensland Police to deal with the influx of clowns on our streets.

America is in the grip of a clown panic, and the hysteria is spreading to Australia.

It started in North Carolina, where a young boy told his mother that two clowns in the woods had tried to lure him away. Clown sightings have since been reported in more than two dozen US states, including Alabama, where seven people face felony charges for ‘clown-related activity’.

Now police in Western Australia have arrested a 19-year-old man for harassing a group of teens while wearing a clown outfit.

Two 12-year-old girls are also claiming to have been “terrorised” by a clown in the Adelaide CBD, leading SA Police to issue the following statement.

“Police are aware of recent reports from interstate and overseas concerning situations where people have dressed up as clowns and have randomly attempted to scare or threaten others,” an SA Police spokesperson said.

“This has occurred primarily in public spaces. It is being called the ‘Clown Purge’. Police would like to emphasise to those who may intend to engage in this kind of behaviour, for whatever intention, that it could potentially result in danger to them or other members of the public.”

Now Queensland Police have gotten in on the act, issuing the following statement via social media.

“While there have been no reports of physical threats or acts of violence involving ‘clowns’, police will not tolerate anyone engaging in intimidating or anti-social behaviour,” they said.

Deputy Premier Jackie Trad is asking anyone who is intimidated or concerned by people dressed as clowns to contact police.

“It’s clear this is part of a social media stunt,” Ms Trad said.

“These antics have been initiated to threaten or scare people. The Queensland police understand the antics involved and they will not tolerate anti-social behaviour.

“It’s important that the Queensland community assist police and make sure incidents are reported.”

Even Stephen King — the man directly responsible for the public’s fear of clowns — has weighed in on the issue.

It’s a bit late for that, Steve.