How could millions of Australians logging onto the same site at the same time have gone so wrong?

As you surely know by now, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) is blaming foreign hackers for crashing the census website last night.

It’s being claimed that the census site was attacked by hackers four times, before a decision was made to shut the site down as a precaution.

“It was an attack, and we believe from overseas,” the ABS’ David Kalish told ABC NewsRadio this morning.

“The Australian signals directorates are investigating those issues but they did note that it was very difficult to source the attack.

“There were a number during the day. The first three were successfully repelled and the fourth one caused the difficulty that then led us to bring the system down as a precaution.”

It’s a no-win scenario for the ABS. They’ve either had a flaw in their security exposed (contrary to their claims before census night that the data would be totally safe) or they’re attempting to cover up their failure to prepare for the amount of traffic on their site last night by shifting the blame overseas.

It makes sense that people would be distrustful of the ABS’ story, considering their early attempts to blame the site’s total failure on individual users.

As you’d expect, social media’s response to the #CensusFail was swift and brutal.

But hey, at least one person seemed to be able to log onto the site and complete the census without any problems.

If you haven’t been able to log in, don’t worry — there won’t be a fine in your mailbox anytime soon.

Have you been able to complete your census? Brag about it (or share your frustration) in the comments below!