So, you want to be the very best? Like no one ever was? Problem is, you’re not yet? Well, as they say, catching them is the real test, and training them will be your cause.

Pokémon Go has taken the world by storm, and people everywhere seem to be playing it, and spending hours walking around hunting for Pokémon. It doesn’t matter if you’ve only just managed to catch your starter, or well on your way toward the original 150, here’s some tips to help you become a Pokémon Master in no time.

Battery Saver

A big tip that will extend your Pokémon adventure is saving your phone’s battery life. Pokémon Go chews through battery faster than a Diglett can dig, but the solution is simple.

Hit the Pokéball at the bottom of your screen to enter the menu, and then click settings in the top right corner. In the list of settings you will see Battery Saver, and a circle to the right of that. Tap on the circle and make sure there’s a tick in it, meaning it’s on.

Footprints lead the way

Now that we have battery, we can go track these Pokémon. Thankfully Pokémon Go has an inbuilt tracker, but it’s causing confusion. In the bottom right corner is the thin grey box, which when tapped on, opens the tracker. Here you’ll see all the Pokémon nearby (or none, if you’re unlucky). Underneath each Pokémon is a set of footprints, ranging from none to three, which all mean different things.

No footprints: You’re standing on top of it! Close the tracker and search.

One footprint: It’s potentially only a few steps away.

Two footprints: It’s maybe a street or two away.

Three footprints: It could be at least ten streets away. The range for three is very wide.

The developers have advised to walk around if you’re after a Pokémon that’s got three footprints beneath it. Keep stopping every now and again, to allow the tracker to update, and see if the Pokémon you’re after drops down to show less footprints. If it does, this means you’re heading in the right direction. When you open the tracker, whatever Pokémon is in the top left, is the closet, and the bottom right is the furthest away.

Make capturing easy

Turning off AR is probably the best way to help capture Pokémon. As fun as it is to see a Squirtle in your bedroom, turning off the camera will stabilize them in the centre of your screen and make them much easier to hit with a Pokéball.

To do this, tap the AR button in the top right of the screen when you’re trying to capture a Pokémon.

Throwing the Pokéball

Somehow it seems throwing a Pokéball isn’t as easy as Ash made it appear. Maybe it really was all about turning that baseball cap backwards.

There’s two schools of thought about throwing a Pokéball to capture a Pokémon. The first theory is that you want to throw it to almost bop the Pokémon on the head. The second theory, straight from the developers, is that you’re aiming to get it inside the rings that appear around the Pokémon once you tap and hold the Pokéball you want to throw.

Coloured rings and what they mean

Once you’re ready to capture that pesky Pidgeotto, you need to tap and hold onto the Pokéball at the bottom of the screen. Once the coloured rings appear they’re going to give you some information about just how difficult this Pokémon will be to catch.

Green ring: You’re going to catch this Pokémon without really trying.

Yellow ring: You’re going to need to try a little bit harder with your throw.

Red ring: This is the highest difficulty to capture and you’re going to need a perfect throw just to get the chance.

When you’re watching those coloured rings around your Pokémon, the best chance you have at catching a Pokémon is when the coloured ring is at its smallest. The bigger the coloured ring, the more likely your Pokéball is to miss, or for the Pokémon to dodge it.

Don’t waste coins on Pokéballs

Pokéballs are very easily found at any Pokéstop you might stumble across, or when you level up. What you should save your coins for are Lures and Essence. These attract nearby Pokémon to where you’re standing, rather than making you walk to them, and it’s rare to find them at a Pokéstop. Essence is perfect for a sneaky Pokémon Go break when you’re stuck at your desk.

Catching a rare Pokémon

There’s no ground-breaking advice here, just the age-old wisdom — if at first you don’t succeed, try and try again. Every time a Pokémon is in a Pokéball, even if it’s just for a second, it starts to get tired, making it easier to catch. Just keep throwing and hope it doesn’t run away. If you’re above level 7, you can feed it a Razz berry, as this makes them more likely to stay in the Pokéball, and if you’re above level 10, you might need to try a higher quality Pokéball.

How to find different Pokémon in the same place

If, no matter what, you keep seeing Eevees and Rattatas, then the trick is to go searching at different times of the day. Different Pokémon appear at different times, be it morning, afternoon, or night. So if you’re trying to become a Pokémon Master on the walk to work in the morning, why not try on walk home at night, and see if you can catch yourself that Charizard, which is rumoured to only appear at night.

Mastering XP

Everyone needs XP. Without it, you can’t level up enough to battle gyms. So is there a trick to get more? Absolutely. Catch as many Pokémon as you possibly can. Each capture of a Pokémon gains you 100 XP, and catching a Pokémon you don’t have already gains you 600 XP.

You also gain XP from the kinds of throws you do to catch a Pokémon, from collecting goods at a Pokéstops, evolving a Pokémon, winning battles, hatching an egg, and transferring a Pokémon to the Professor.

Taking candy from strangers, or rather, the Professor

So, if you think you’re one of the unlucky ones for having lots Pidgeys and nothing else, start counting yourself lucky. Every time you transfer that Pidgey, or any Pokémon for that matter, to the Professor you will get yourself candy.

Each Pokémon needs candy to evolve, so get transferring!

Teaching Pokémon the power that’s inside

Even though most battles don’t last long enough, there is a special attack meter during a battle. If you’re lucky enough to battle and for it to charge up, you just have to press and hold your Pokémon for it to unleash its special attack, and hopefully, win you the battle.

Be safe

Just remember, Ash didn’t try to catch Bulbasaur while he was driving a car, and neither should you. Pull over safely and then try your luck.

What Ash did do a lot of was focus too much on his Pokédex, and walk into things, or fall over. So keep that in mind, and be aware of your surroundings. Look up more next time you’re out to catch ‘em all.

Don’t let your assurance that a Ghastly is just around the corner lead you somewhere unsafe, especially at night. Ash always had Misty and Brock to help him when he was in trouble, and they knew when to avoid going into a haunted house, or a forest.

Sometimes you have to prepare for trouble, hopefully it won’t be double, so keep your wits about you when interacting with other people. Not everyone is really concerned about Pokémon Go, so it’s best to trust your instincts and not have to deal with Team Rocket, or something much worse.

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