WARNING: DO NOT PROCEED ANY FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN THIS WEEK’S EPISODE OF GAME OF THRONES. We’re going to be pouring scorn on everybody on social media who spoiled it — and that’ll involve discussing the spoilers. We know, it’s messed up.

Another game-changing episode of Game of Thrones aired today, and you know what that means — a bunch of absolute tossers decided to spoil it on social media.

These are garbage people.

Just trash, trash people.

Seriously, why do people do this? Why do they take such pride in spoiling Game of Thrones?

They don’t write the show, so there’s no reason for them to take personal pride in a killer plot twist.

They’re not breaking any news, because millions of people are watching and reacting to the exact same show at the exact same time.

Why, then, do people get such perverse pleasure out of ruining the experience for everybody who happens to be watching it a little bit later than them?

Don’t tell me that if you’re not watching the show ‘live’, you don’t deserve to be able to watch it later — especially in Australia, where your options for watching the show legally are pretty dire.

It’s not your right to decide when somebody watches something, jerks!

We’ve had enough. So we’re going to start naming and shaming everybody who spoils the show.

Be warned: After this sexy pic of GoT creator George RR Martin, we’ll be embedding the tweets of all the terrible people who spoiled this week’s episode — and that means we’ll be posting spoilers.

Seriously, don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see spoilers!

This is your final warning…


Ladies and gentlemen, here are the worst people on the internet today…

You need to rethink your life choices, guys, seriously.

How do you think people who spoil Game of Thrones should be punished? Have your say in the comments below!