Social media is an exciting place, but for some organisations it can prove to be a nightmare when things don’t quite go to plan.

It’s amazing how much damage you can do in 140 characters. If you missed the latest beauty from Virgin Australia yesterday, let us fill you in…

#1. Virgin territory

In response to a tweet from Kanye West claiming his new album The Life of Pablo is a “30 out of 10,” a rogue tweeter replied from Virgin Australia’s official account with “EAD [Eat A D**k] you douche.”

Virgin swiftly apologised for the tweet, but to be honest, nobody seemed to disagree with it…


#2. Live AIDS

In this Twitter horror story, it was a PR executive who ruined their own day (or their whole life) with a somewhat insensitive message…

Needless to say she was fired shortly after.


#3. Susan’s what party?

No one could forget this classic hashtag from everyone’s favourite Scottish songstress – Susan Boyle. In an attempt to promote her upcoming album party for Standing Ovation, producers released a tweet featuring the hashtag #susanalbumparty. Unfortunately, Susan Album Party takes on a whole new meaning when you take the spaces away.

Susan Boyle

#4. The customer is always right

Even when hashtags are read correctly, there is always the risk that they may be misused by unhappy customers. The Victorian Taxi Association fell victim to this when they launched #YourTaxis, an innocent attempt at encouraging Australians to share their positive stories about using taxis, but things didn’t go quite to plan. Consumers were quick to share many unsavoury experiences of bad smells, unsafe driving and even sexual harassment.


#5. Domestic dispute

This major misuse of the #WhyIStayed hashtag, created to spark an open discussion about domestic violence, proved to be very embarrassing for this pizza business.


#6. The Intern

Luxury fashion label Marc Jacobs learned the hard way that disgruntled staff should never have access to social media after this tweeting spree from an intern…

Marc Jacobs

#7. Leave the grandmas out of this

In a classic case of an employee tweeting from the wrong account, KitchenAid came under fire after their account made a jab at President Barack Obama — and his grandmother. Oh no.

Kitchen Aid

#8. Paging Dr Freud

An ironic typo in this tweet from O2 Careers turned out to be much more sexist than intended. We imagine whoever was responsible probably had to have another talk to the HR director shortly after…

o2 careers

#9. Won’t somebody think of the children?

We all love a good political gaffe and this tweet from UK Prime Minister David Cameron didn’t disappoint. Cameron delivered a tweet in 2014 on a very serious topic, however, his poor sentence structure sadly detracted from the intended message. Does he really want to make children illegal?


#10. Exactly what it says on the tin

Most of us will remember Old Spice for their ultra successful The Man Your Man Could Smell Like campaign, but the brand was certainly taken down a notch when Taco Bell pointed out a major flaw in their name…



What’s the best Twitter fail you’ve ever seen? Share it in the comments below!