Picked up an adult colouring-in book lately? You may just want to rethink your newfound hobby, because according to Russell Brand, adult colouring books might actually be the final portent of the impending apocalypse.

In a new video posted to his Youtube channel, comedian Russell Brand went on a rather long rant about the adult colouring-in book craze.

“The best selling books in the world are no longer bibles, Qurans or interesting scientific introspective on the workings of anatomy and the universe, they’re colouring books,” he says.

“What has turned us into terrified divs that want to live in childish stupors?”

The rant is broken up with footage from an American news program doing a short segment about the craze, which Russell happily picks apart.

“It’s almost like adults have been hypnotised into a state of perpetual fear. What could be doing that?

“Let’s overcome the taboo around colouring-in, that’s really what’s holding us back as a species,” he says rather sarcastically.

“You can’t just retreat into childhood and hope that the adult problems of the world will disappear. I mean this is an apocalyptic end of days item that adults are so terrified, so mentally ill and frustrated that they’re gonna regress to a second childhood, rather than face up to the very adult problems that we have of approaching Armageddon, ecological meltdown, sort of an all encompassing, near totally inequality, breakdown of the state … Okay it’s all gonna be fine,” he says, as he grabs a piece of paper and pretends to colour.

Wow, he must really hate colouring in!

You can watch the full rant here:

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