The multi-billion-dollar attraction rumoured to be heading to the Gold Coast looks likely to be a theme park based on the Jurassic Park franchise.

Bmag reported on rumours of the new park, expected to be built by China’s Wanda Group, late last year. At the time, comparisons to the size and scope of Disneyland were floating around (with some outlets even reporting that the new park would actually be a Disneyland).

Now the Gold Coast Bulletin, which first broke the story, is reporting that the Wanda Group may be planning to build a multi-billion dollar dinosaur theme park on the Gold Coast.

The evidence? Wanda chief executive Wang Jianlin, the man rumoured to be building a park on the Coast, is reportedly chasing a majority share of Legendary Entertainment, the company which produced Jurassic World.

The Chinese real estate and theme park tycoon would need to put up at least half of Legendary Entertainment’s $4 billion net worth to make his takeover bid happen.

It’s a bit of a stretch to suggest that a Wanda takeover of Legendary would automatically lead to a Jurassic Park on the Gold Coast, but the pieces are slowly coming together. The Wanda group has already invested heavily in the Gold Coast, launching direct flights to Wuhan and financing the $970 million Jewel project in Surfers Paradise.

The city’s business community has already gotten attached to the idea, with Northern Chamber of Commerce president Gary Mays telling the Gold Coast Bulletin that “we need this to happen”.

“It will create heaps of fulltime jobs which is a priority now and bring in more international tourists,” Mr Mays said.

“If we don’t keep reinventing ourselves, we will be left behind.”

Queensland’s Tourism Minister, Kate Jones, is known to have visited a Wanda theme park in China recently.

If they’re serious about building a dinosaur theme park in Queensland, though, we reckon we might know a bloke they should talk to.

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