In a bizarre business move, Costco has revealed their plans to sell coffins in Australian stores next year.

The discount retailer, who is known for selling everything from fresh food and groceries, to toys, clothing, diamond rings and appliances is set to stock coffins from January next year.

The caskets will come in a range of colours and finishes including solid wood, painted metallic lilac, silver and blue, as well as come with different religious icons.

Marketing Manager for Costco Australia, Kyla White told Daily Mail Australia that Costco is expanding to coffins because the retailer believes it can provide ‘value and quality’ to customers in the area.

But, like many other items in the store – will they have to be bought it bulk?

Kyla says the coffins will be sold individually.

“Not everything that we sell is in bulk, you can buy a pair of jeans, rotisseries chicken and individual bottles of wine …. coffins will be sold in the same way.”

Apparently, US stores have been selling coffins for quite some time now and have received raving reviews from customers about quality and price. Let’s face it, funeral costs can be hefty.

It’s believed more than 150,000 Australians have joined Costco as members, paying an annual fee for $60 to gain access to its warehouse stores. But, will Australia consumers come round to the idea of buying coffins in the same place they buy their groceries from? We’re not too sure about this one.

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