Jasmine Dowling, a talented typographer, graphic designer and blogger from Paddington, shares her favourite things about living in Brisbane.

1. Alfredo’s

It is no secret that Alfredo’s does good pizza, but this isn’t why I love it (but it of course helps). I go there for the arancini balls — they are seriously to die for. Also be sure to try the outrageous doughnuts at the entrance (thanks, Doughnut Time).

Alfredo’s is located at 39 Alfred St, Fortitude Valley. 

2. Noosa Chocolate Factory

When a store has two separate fronts for dark chocolate and milk, you know they are serious about their chocolate. Anyone who works in the city, I am sure, has indulged themselves in some Noosa Chocolate Factory but it is a must-visit. All hand-made in Queensland and all freaking delicious. Your only issue will be settling on one option. My vote is with the handmade rocky road – so, so good!

Noosa Chocolate Factory is located at 144 Adelaide St, Brisbane. 

3. Blonde Venus

Looking for designer pieces that you won’t see everyone else in Brisbane wearing? Blonde Venus will hook a girl up. They stock some of my personal favourites like Georgia Alice, Holly Ryan, Verner & Jacquemus. My only tips are prepare the bank account and clean out your wardrobe to make space.

Blonde Venus is located at Shop 3, 181 Robertson St, Fortitude Valley. 

4. Ben’s Burgers

I have to be honest about my relationship about burgers… I usually don’t eat them. From a young age I have always disliked them so never really order them. But Ben’s changed it all, honestly. This burger is perfection. It isn’t the place that is putting everything bizarre on your burger to ensure some outrageous Instagram-able images. This place is about creating the perfect burger without bells and whistles. Tip is you must order the chips and aioli as a side because they are also perfection. The staff are super cool, too (huge thumbs up).

Ben’s Burgers is located at 5 Winn St, Fortitude Valley. 

5. Molten Store

There is one store that is completely unique to Brisbane — Molten Store. You can’t ignore the magic of the space in which Molten Store was created. Light-filled with soft billowing curtains, draped light bulbs around the ceiling and custom crescent shaped tables to reflect the phases of the moon. The owner, Jessy, has created something truly unique and truly magical. Then there are the treasures. Unique jewellery draped over crystal and rocks, modern gold chokers, beaded clutches, fringed tote bags, fragrance and a selection of crowns and halos that are to die for. The magic of Molten Store is contagious and it would have to be a must-see for those visiting Brisbane.

Molten Store is located at 46 James St, Fortitude Valley. 

Jasmine is an ambassador for Shop Small Australia. To see Jasmine’s work, visit jasminedowling.com.

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