The Viewbank Tennis Club has found out just how slow ‘snail mail’ really is.

They say a watched pot never boils, but it seems a long-awaited parcel does actually arrive.

Irene Garratt was the recipient of the tattered package, which contained embroidered uniform patches believed to be ordered sometime in the 1970s.

Mrs Garratt, who still lives at the same address, told Fox Sports the postman who delivered the parcel wasn’t sure where it came from.

“He thinks it must have fallen behind a machine because the envelope was oily, although the contents were perfect,” she says.

Australia Post has since apologise for the mix up and Mrs Garratt was happy to see the delivery.

“I thought it was a wonderful thing they did, and not just throw it in the rubbish bin,” she said.

Mrs Garratt told Fox Sports that she must’ve been the one to order the patches because they were addressed to her directly.

“When it didn’t come I must have told and they must have sent another lot. I’ve been in touch with a few friends from the club (since the parcel was delivered) and they remember patches so obviously we did get another lot,” she said.

Seven News reported the retro patches would be used for the 50th anniversary celebrations at the club.