The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) has released a report detailing how drug offenders in the state are spending their dirty money.

In the report, titled Assets of Queensland drug offenders, the CCC shows drug offenders are investing approximately half their money in real estate, with cash assets coming in second.

After real property and cash came vehicles and vessels, bank accounts, and assets labelled ‘other’ which included jewellery, shares, livestock, and even loans owed to the offender.

For the purposes of the report, ‘drug offenders’ included drug producers, traffickers, suppliers, and people found in possession of illegal substances. The report’s results are based on 233 offenders whose assets were seized by the CCC under proceeds of crime laws between 2009 and 2014.


Cocaine offenders were the richest, on average, while methamphetamine offenders had the least assets.

The report found offenders with links to outlaw motorcycle gangs (OMCG) tended to have assets of lesser value than those without links. 

Compared to the $235,000 median level of asset value for offenders without OMCG ties, ones linked to OMCGs were found to only have a median value of $190,000.

The CCC thought it possible that offenders with OMCG links were instead investing their money back into their gangs, using the case study of an offender who was recruited by an OMCG and subsequently invested the proceeds of their crimes into a nightclub owned by the gang.

The CCC Annual Report for 2014-15 stated $18.3 million worth of assets from Queensland criminals, including $4.462 million worth of drugs, were seized in the last financial year.